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Kirsty Strickland: How turning to the royals could backfire for the Union - Today News Post Today News || UK News

ANOTHER day, another madcap plan to save the UnionThe moment, and I won. This weekend’s offering came from Kensington Palace, with a suggestion that William and Kate could be asked to spend more time in Scotland to bolster support for Scotland remaining part of the UK.

I’m old enough to remember (because it was only a few months ago) when Prince Edward was the favoured Royal to be sent to Scotland to save the Union. It was a daft idea then and it’s a daft idea nowThe highest transmission and death rates i.

There’s the obvious reason as to why it is so silly; a charm offensive is worthless if the people hoping to do the charming publicise their strategy beforehand.

You have to wonder whether Downing Street and palace officials realise that people in Scotland have internet accessre likely always to have one eye o. If the royal couple are photographed eating a Wetherspoons breakfast in Kirkcaldy nobody is going to be so gullible as to believe it’s because they really want to be there.

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