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Dana Corp., a large American auto supplier, is expanding its business capacity in China and will build a 129000 square foot (12000 square meter) technology center to provide a wider range of products for the local market

the Dena China Technology Center in Wuxi will be equipped with testing equipment and production space. The center is close to its existing Dena (Wuxi) Technology Co., Ltd., which released a draft on March 12

Dana company is headquartered in Maumee, Ohio, USA. its automotive sealing and thermal management group has a plastic business, but it is more famous for its shaft and transmission technology. Wuxi new center will be engaged in the testing and development of material technology and provide support for its existing business related to off-road vehicle manufacturing in China

the center will be a major national scientific and technological innovation project, which mainly relies on the enterprise's own investment in Dena's global R & D network, and will help the company "use this part of engineering and technical expertise in a balanced and strategic way to promote business growth in all market areas in the region"

the technical center currently has 50 projects, accounting for 71.9%; The equipment division with a journey of 701 ~ 1000mm is expected to increase to 130 by 2016, the company said

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