Three fires of the hottest Delixi triggered riots

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Delixi: "three fires" caused "riots"

on the first day after Delixi was acquired, the new general manager began to burn three fires in the company. Zhu Hairen was the general manager of Delixi after the merger and acquisition, and Schneider played a leading role in the negotiation of this merger and acquisition

after the merger and acquisition, although the chairman is held by the Chinese side, the members of the board of directors are 3:3, and the chairman has no veto power. Therefore, Hu Chengzhong's use to support the growth of cells is somewhat meaningless. The general manager is responsible for the daily operation and controls the actual operation of the enterprise. The real reform also began with Zhu Hai's first fire

4) limit protection: it has two-level limit protection of program control and machinery; The first fire: de familiarization

said Zhu Hai burned a fire because of the No. 1 document he sent to the company

now the employees still clearly remember the main contents of Document No. 1: first, the employment of personnel based on the technical feasibility, cost advantage and scope of production possibility in the following cases must be approved by the relevant leaders. 6. The employees of the full digital closed-loop control and measurement system of steel strand testing machine are relatives of employees, shareholders or related personnel of Delixi Electric Co., Ltd, The appointment must be approved by Zhu Hai, the president of the company; Second, candidates are relatives of shareholders, employees or related personnel of Delixi Group, and they can be considered for employment only with the approval of Hu Chengzhong, chairman of the company

as a result, the fire burned Hu Chengzhong's relatives. His uncle and aunt were facing being fired. They went to Hu Chengzhong's home many times to talk. As a result, his aunt left the company first, and his uncle continued to stay for a year. In this way, according to document No. 1, more than 200 people were laid off in the first batch

now Delixi's employees realize that the company is really playing. This has also become the first step of company reform

the second fire: rectify minority shareholders

the second fire starts to rectify minority shareholders again. Of course, minority shareholders are unwilling to give up the bright prospect and quit Delixi. They often get together and run to the general manager

when Zhu Hai couldn't cope alone, he had to pull director Huang Zhengsheng and others together. When the two sides talked about the excitement, Huang Zhengsheng even threw out harsh words: if you don't go, I'll throw your things out, and you won't be allowed to come in tomorrow. The dividend at the end of the year will not be given to you. Don't come to get the dividend

to be frank, this is called expelling minority shareholders. Hu Chengzhong, who has been living with the villagers for decades, can't do this kind of ruthless method of the company. But Zhu Hai, an airborne soldier, did it

although many people cried in this rectification, the final benefits came out

before, the profit margin was less than 10%, and after streamlining, the profit margin of the company exceeded 20%. Huchengzhong told

the third fire: information management

two fires have burned down, and Delixi company has been soul stirring. With the support of Hu Chengzhong, the general manager began to burn a third fire: the introduction of the company's ERP system

when new gadgets were just introduced, the company was not suitable for suppliers and agents

that's really shock therapy. After being put into the system, all the problems become intertwined, and not every department can solve it alone. This dilemma or chaos is not what we expected when we first wanted to use ERP system. Huchengzhong told us that our agents and users didn't understand it. It was convenient to pick up the goods, but now the warehouse has goods but can't take them out. The chairman also has no power to move. Although the goods are there, if the system data does not match the specific physical location of the goods, it will cause even greater disasters later

at that time, the agent's words were very unpleasant, to the effect that Delixi was a joint venture, and the management was getting more and more backward! That month, Delixi lost a lot of single businesses, about 45 million yuan

but Delixi learned the basic concept of modern management, that is, to speak with processes and systems, not with people

the busiest time finally passed

now the profit margin has roughly doubled, and the annual sales have increased by 25% - 30%. Hu Chengzhong said

at risk, the joint venture strictly implemented the process management system for people, finance and materials. Wenzhou private enterprises, which used to have many relatives, have finally become modern management companies under a series of fierce restructuring. Let Hu Chengzhong implement such reform by himself, and I'm afraid the resistance will be far greater than that of professional managers

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