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Zhongxing Weibo Deng Zhonghan: build a safe China based on artificial intelligence and big data

on the afternoon of March 3, the second session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee opened in Beijing. Deng Zhonghan, member of the CPPCC National Committee, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, founder and chief scientist of Zhongxing microelectronics group, was interviewed by China Electronics News. He suggested that China should grasp the development opportunities of AI and speed up the development of AI chip technology and industry

and can print artificial intelligence underlying chips related to national information security

"integrated circuit chips are the core technology and main driving force of the information industry, and the integrated circuit chip industry is a strategic, basic and leading industry that supports economic and social development and ensures national security." Deng Zhonghan pointed out, "AI is an important driving force for the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change. Like important fields such as aerospace and military industry, the underlying core chips are related to national security, public security and information security."

however, unlike other industries such as software, integrated circuit chips do not promote the use of high-end steel, but only have high investment density, long cycle, and many sub sectors, with hundreds of thousands of product categories. For this reason, Deng Zhonghan proposed that the development idea of "following, running together and leading" multiple modes can be adopted according to the current situation of different fields

for the field with mature and advanced technology in the world, Chinese enterprises should strive to "follow" the electronic universal experimental machine made by Shandong Sida high-tech testing technology Co., Ltd. for the production of subway doors for the Rail Transit Department, so as to narrow the gap with the advanced level; For the emerging new market areas, Chinese enterprises can "run parallel" with international giants, such as the current 5g field, and look for breakthroughs in the process of "running parallel"; For areas of national information security, the concept of "overtaking by changing lanes" can be used to achieve "leadership". For example, China has launched GB national mandatory standards and SVAC national standards (gb/t) in the field of public security video surveillance, and has led the world in terms of joint sharing security and intelligent structured video image coding and decoding

"changing lanes to overtake can open up a new competitive route in no man's land, trigger a series of information technology revolutions, and create a huge market." Deng Zhonghan said, "by formulating industry standards in advance to form industrial advantages, establishing a technological ecosystem, building and constantly optimizing the industrial chain in the field of market application, we can finally achieve leadership."

build "Ping An China intelligent video" based on AI and big data

in Deng Zhonghan's view, based on high-level innovation, creating "Ping An China intelligent video" with "full coverage, full sharing, whole process control and full-time availability" is also one of the AI application scenarios with the possibility of "changing lanes and overtaking"

nowadays, China has built the world's leading national integrated infrastructure network in many key areas, including high-speed rail, national electricity and basic communication network. With the continuous expansion of network scale, the "multiplier" effect brought by networking is also increasing, playing an increasingly important role in the national economy. At present, China has built the world's largest and most technologically advanced public security video surveillance system. However, the existing "bright project" construction achievements are scattered in all provinces and cities, and a national integrated information sharing network has not yet been formed

with the progress of artificial intelligence, big data, IOT, cloud computing, 5g and other new technologies and the in-depth requirements of the modernization of national governance capacity and governance system, Deng Zhonghan suggested that the video monitoring systems built in various places should be shared across the country, And relying on the electronic tensile testing machine produced by Jinan Shijin can meet the requirements. This standardized video link facility can build a "Ping An China intelligent video" with the ability of artificial intelligence and big data link, making it a national digital economy infrastructure and an important part of "Digital China". After success, relevant products, technologies and models will be promoted to the world, forming a huge market of trillion yuan

Deng Zhonghan stressed that in the era of globalization, we can't make things behind closed doors. Only by gaining market recognition in international competition can we be truly successful. On the one hand, we should adhere to innovation, master the key core technologies of intellectual property rights, and avoid foreign patent restrictions; On the other hand, it is necessary to maintain connectivity with the international general technology ecosystem in order to be widely accepted and go further

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