Denmark develops efficient and low consumption foo

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Denmark has developed high-efficiency and low-consumption food packaging equipment

the axis of the Danish sample should coincide with the center line of the upper and lower clamps. The supplier of Mai patent and food processing industry solutions has introduced a net weight box packaging system in which the minimum loss company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation

dreambatchertm said that the new system will reduce the loss from 10% of manual packaging and 6% of automatic packaging to less than 2%. The retail industry pays food processing companies according to the weight printed on the package rather than the actual weight of the products in the package, so it is very necessary to reduce the overweight to an absolute minimum

using scanvaegt ultra precision technology (upttm) with an efficiency of 360/min, dreambatchertm's high-speed weighing and quantitative patent has been successfully developed. This system is composed of a fully automatic or automatic feeding system, which can transfer poultry parts to high-precision weighing equipment, and then transfer the weighed products to specially designed complex separators and packaging equipment. Sophisticated automatic control and data collection system

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