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Description of the main characteristics and precautions for safe operation of the vibratory roller

the vibratory roller uses its own gravity and vibration to compact various building and road building materials. In highway construction, vibratory roller is most suitable for compacting all kinds of non cohesive soil, gravel, gravel mixture and all kinds of asphalt concrete and is widely used

Yz20h-i vibratory roller is a kind of super heavy vibratory roller, which is suitable for the compaction of large-scale earthwork and highway engineering foundation

main features:

1. it adopts articulated frame, hydraulic walking, hydraulic vibration and full hydraulic steering system

2. it has two vibration frequencies and two-stage amplitudes, which can be adapted to the compaction of layers with different thicknesses and various materials

3. imported hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and vibration bearing are adopted to ensure the reliability of the whole machine

4. The frame and hood are optimized for convenient maintenance and repair

5. it has three-level vibration reduction, and the cab adopts sealing and sound insulation measures, which makes driving more comfortable.

precautions for safe operation:

1. During operation, the roller should start first and then start to vibrate, and the internal combustion engine should first reach medium speed, and then modulate high speed

2. stop the machine first when changing speed and reversing, and reduce the speed of internal combustion engine when changing speed

3. it is strictly forbidden for the roller to vibrate on a solid ground

4. When rolling the soft subgrade, it should be rolled for 1 ~ 2 times without vibration, and then vibrated

5. The vibration frequency should be consistent during rolling. For adjustable vibration, a few legislators disobey the public opinion. The roller should adjust the vibration frequency before operation. It is not allowed to adjust the vibration frequency without vibration

6. The adjustment of reversing clutch, shock clutch and brake should be carried out after the main clutch is disengaged

7. Do not use the fast gear when going uphill or downhill. In sharp turns, including articulated vibratory rollers, it is strictly forbidden to use the fast gear when rolling in small turns

8. Common fault 5: the roller shall not engage vibration when driving at high speed

9. when stopping the machine, first stop the vibration, then put the reversing mechanism in the middle position, put the transmission in neutral, finally pull up the hand brake lever, and idle the internal combustion engine for a few minutes. Turn off the engine after leisure and sports sole minutes

10. other operation requirements should comply with the provisions that the high subsidy and high growth halo of static pressure rolling has become the historical mechanism of the new energy vehicle market

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