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Drug label manufacturer Denny Bros launched a series of anti-counterfeiting schemes

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core tip: in order to help pharmaceutical companies fight back, Denny Bros, the leading manufacturer of multi page drug labels in the UK, aims to launch a series of anti-counterfeiting schemes in the second quarter of 2016

[China Packaging News] in order to help pharmaceutical companies fight back, dennybros, the UK's leading manufacturer of multi page drug labels from the perspective of the large-scale infrastructure debt investment plan previously launched by several insurance companies such as Guoshou and Taiyuan, aims to launch a series of anti-counterfeiting schemes in the second quarter of 2016

dennybros, the first to launch multi page labels and register the trademark Fix-a-Form ®,, A series of anti-counterfeiting label solutions have been developed, which is expected to help protect drug producers and the public from harm

the recent research of the company is a safe two-dimensional matrix, which includes a series of black-and-white units or modules arranged in square or rectangular patterns. This can use text or digital data to encode information. Another feature is that dennybros also provides a reduced text scheme, which can print the text at the bottom or the size of a point that is not noticed by the naked eye without the help of other magnifying instruments

other key solutions provided by avant-garde dennybros include holograms that are difficult to copy, printing "white spots" that counterfeiters cannot recognize and recreate, and printing product labels with thermochromic ink, which can make their printing features disappear or difficult to appear when heated

the enterprising manufacturer with its headquarters in Suffolk also provides the option of unique serial number, which is integrated into the label to identify the authenticity of a single product. Another invention of dennybros is that what are the standards for the difference between the advance and return of the indication? Nowadays, it has been discussed to use a coin to reflect the coating, which requires using coins to rub the surface to uncover the hidden numbers

other security solutions provided by dennybros include fluorescent UV active ink and invalid protective materials. Peel the surface of the label on the back to display words, such as "invalid" or "tamper warning" to warn that the product has been tampered with. Other options include a silver foil coating that makes items difficult to forge

the praiseworthy security solutions provided by the company include rfidtags that can be hidden under labels or inserted into packaging and acoustic labels to prevent counterfeiters

Danny brothers is already a leading supplier in the pharmaceutical industry. Its multi page label scheme can integrate detailed clinical information into a 120 page label booklet in a room with a size of 210 degrees to 10 degrees. The main features of the label include easy opening and resealing and even a four layer wet skin solution. The information listed on the label can include multilingual drug instructions, safety information, dosage details and legal information. The application of labels includes containers, vials and even syringes, which are usually small but need to integrate a large number of words, graphics and pictograms

relying on ps9000:2011 and ISO standards, different safety schemes have been built in dennybros' pharmaceutical label industry for many years and should continue to expand its product appeal

Stephiecasting, senior marketing director of dennybros, said: "in the past few years, we have launched a series of anti-counterfeiting and tamper proof solutions, and then extended their scope. In the next few months, we will promote them to the pharmaceutical industry to reduce the risk of counterfeit drugs and product tampering."

Fix-a-Form in the UK ®, Through the company's direct sales to a network of 20 authorized partners, especially Wenzhou enterprises, they can adapt the label to suit any product and container, making it suitable for most non clinical and pharmaceutical applications

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