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Xinxiang deployment of pollution prevention and control battle

Xinxiang City, Henan Province recently held the city's ecological environment protection conference to summarize last year's environmental protection work and arrange the deployment of this year's work priorities. Wangdengxi, mayor of Xinxiang City, pointed out that all departments at all levels in the city should maintain their strategic determination to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, resolutely fight and win the battle of pollution prevention and control, and promote the continuous improvement of the ecological environment quality of the city

Wang dengxi stressed that all departments at all levels should maintain their tough measures and pay close attention to the key work to meet the unpublished reports at the 2009 spinal plasty Association meeting. We should highlight the key points, grasp the key points, implement comprehensive measures and address both the symptoms and root causes, and resolutely fight the three blow molding machine industries of blue sky, clear water and pure land as the key battles of traditional industries; We should adhere to the four policies of "transformation and upgrading", unswervingly promote the four structural adjustments of industry, energy, transportation and land use, carry out the "three ore demand reduction and transformation", vigorously promote industrial transformation and development, and resolutely shut down "scattered pollution" enterprises; We should speed up the implementation of major ecological civilization projects such as the integration of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses, and the ecological belt along the Yellow River, build ecological barriers and build a green ecological system; We should conscientiously do a good job in rectifying the problems fed back by environmental protection supervisors and the second national pollution source census, so as to ensure that all deployments are implemented

Wang dengxi required that all departments at all levels should form a joint force to tackle tough problems. Changchun is a national biological industry base to ensure the implementation of the work. We should strengthen the implementation of systems and mechanisms, give full play to the role of "three systems, three mechanisms" and other systems and mechanisms, and ensure that someone is in charge, has money to do things, and has rules for directors; We should strengthen supervision and inspection, hang the sword high and strike hard, and severely crack down on all kinds of environmental violations; Strengthen the construction of environmental protection team and promote the common governance of the whole people

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