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although the current price quotation of viscose staple fiber has reached 20000 yuan, the high-price transaction response is general, and the market production and sales are weak. There are abundant low-cost orders in the early stage. This forum pays less attention to the innovative development and utilization of automotive lightweight technology and plastic parts, and the inventory of manufacturers has increased significantly. Recently, the upstream raw material market has continued to strengthen, which has a push on the viscose staple fiber market in terms of cost. However, the downstream peak season is not prosperous, and the demand has not been followed up practically. Therefore, the viscose staple fiber market began to show signs of wandering after up to 20000 yuan

in the upstream, at present, the short velvet manufacturers have strong intention to pull up, and the quotation continues to rise. The quotation of short velvet has risen to 5400-5500 yuan, said Zheng Kai, Secretary General of China Engineering Plastics Industry Association. The price of cotton pulp is also rising steadily, and the pulp factory is relatively optimistic about the price rise. At present, the higher price of cotton pulp has reached 12500 yuan. From the perspective of cotton pulp profit, the price of staple fiber is calculated at 5500 yuan. If the cost of cotton pulp is around 10700 yuan, the profit of the cotton pulp manufacturer is more than 1000 yuan. Such a considerable profit makes the cotton pulp manufacturer have greater decision-making power. At present, with the production and resumption of production of viscose manufacturers, the demand for cotton pulp has increased. Therefore, the rising price of cotton pulp will certainly support the cost of viscose staple fiber

in the downstream cotton yarn and cotton yarn market, with the steady rise of viscose market, the rise of cotton yarn is small, and the profits are eroded again. In addition, the market demand for end-user cotton yarn has not increased significantly, and the demand for yarn is also purchased on demand. It is understood that at present, half of the raw materials of cotton yarn are still concentrated in warehouses, so it is a little difficult to raise the price of cotton yarn. In this week, the price of cotton yarn woven 30s is 24500 yuan/ton, and the price of knitted 30s is around 25500 yuan, but it is more difficult to get goods in the market

since September, the sales volume of rayon cotton has been general, the market price has been stable, the overall purchase intention of the market is not strong, and the demand has not been followed up. It is understood that in September, the sales volume of summer clothing fabrics fell, while the sales volume of autumn clothing fabrics was insufficient. For example, spot transactions such as printed rayon cotton, popular pattern fabrics, and viscose fabrics, which represent the mechanical properties of metals, fell, which led to a slight decline in the price index of clothing fabrics. However, some fabrics are sold as usual, such as rayon linen woven fabric, which is made of rayon yarn 32/2 and linen 14s and woven on air-jet loom with plain weave. This fabric is an ideal fabric for long sleeved shirts. At present, the wholesale price in the market is about 9.00 yuan per meter; There is also a kind of luggage fabric, rayon/polyester woven luggage fabric. The warp of this fabric is made of polyester fdy68d yarn, and the weft is made of 16S rayon yarn. It is a jacquard organizational structure. The product is interwoven on air-jet looms. It is the first choice for high-end luggage, women's bags, and bag pulling fabrics. At present, the market price is about 12 yuan/meter

in terms of cotton, the cotton market has improved significantly in recent weeks, and China's cotton purchase price index has been rising. Among them, the average price of the national cotton price B index of 328 cotton prices is 19762 yuan/ton, an increase of 156 yuan/ton over last week; The average price of 428 grade cotton was 18519 yuan/ton, up 241 yuan/ton. With the steady rise of cotton prices, cotton farmers in the Yangtze River and Hubei producing areas are reluctant to sell. Although the new flowers are abundant, the acquisition is still in the stage of sporadic acquisition. The acquisition of ginning mills and textile mills is less active, and the acquisition market is relatively cold. In addition, local agricultural development bank loans have been issued successively, and the price game between cotton farmers and ginners may be more intense; Textile enterprises still mostly adopt the buy and use strategy, and it is more cautious to replenish the stock, so the spot market is generally in a strong state. The firmness of cotton prices has boosted the viscose market

according to the comprehensive analysis, the cotton price has stabilized and rebounded, driving the short staple and viscose market to rise steadily. The rapid growth of cotton pulp price, coupled with the fierce rise of chemical auxiliary materials, has raised the production cost of viscose staple fiber to about 8500 yuan/ton, making viscose manufacturers still hover on the edge of profit and loss, so the possibility of viscose staple fiber falling again is extremely low. However, in this busy season, weaving enterprises are facing financial difficulties, demand is not strong, fabric inventory continues to rise, and weaving enterprises have limited ability to bear the rise in the price of upstream raw materials. Therefore, the author believes that the strength or adjustment of viscose staple fiber depends on who can "win" in the game between the upstream and downstream. If the upstream raw materials rise again, making the viscose staple fiber manufacturers close to losses, then viscose staple fiber may rise again; If the deformation measurement of cotton yarn and cotton fabric market continues to be weak after deformation measurement installation, and the demand is not smooth, then viscose staple fiber may maintain the adjustment pattern

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