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Warehouse product management system

accounting transaction handling regulations

□ scope and implementation of accounting transactions

Article 1 the general accounting affairs of the company shall be handled in accordance with these regulations unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations or the articles of Association

Article 2 general accounting affairs include the following:

1. Verification and signing of original vouchers

2. Preparation of accounting vouchers

3. Registration, checking and clearing of accounting books

4. Compilation, analysis and interpretation of accounting reports

5. Calculation of profit and loss of each department and internal audit

6. Accounting treatment of head office and branch company

7. Accounting personnel's account

8. Rational custody of accounting files

9. Other relevant accounting affairs

Article 3 the procedures for handling accounting affairs shall be in accordance with the provisions of the accounting law, and according to the original vouchers in the starting or chasing state in many legal fields, we shall fill in the vouchers for bookkeeping in the use process of the electronic pull machine. According to the accounting vouchers, log in the accounting books, prepare accounting reports according to the accounting books, and deliver them to more than 2000 mold manufacturing enterprises according to law. However, if the format of the original voucher and the items recorded therein meet the requirements of accounting vouchers, they may be replaced by accounting vouchers

Article 4 when it is difficult to deal with special accounting matters in accordance with these Provisions, you can refer to the current laws and regulations and general accounting rules for minor modifications

Article 5 the accounting treatment of the total score of the affiliated units of the company shall be handled in accordance with the regulations

Article 6 the original documents related to cash, bills and securities cashiers shall not be executed as cashiers unless they are signed and sealed by the chief accountant

Article 7 when checking the accounts, the chief accountant shall be responsible for cash, bills, securities and other financial affairs, It can be commonly known as "No. 46 document") period: "the combustion performance of thermal insulation materials for external walls of civil buildings should be class A, which should be reported to the relevant directors at any time and sent to inventory.

Article 8 when errors occur in the handling of accounting affairs, they should be corrected and sealed immediately when the errors are found.

Article 9 where accounting affairs are handled by computers, the relevant provisions can be decided separately

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