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The world cup hot e-commerce "rations" promotion war Coolpad

from today until July 14, once every four years, the world cup, which has long been awaited by countless fans, will last for a whole month. Don't you see, in order to watch the world cup wholeheartedly, a young man in Anhui resigned directly and became a full-time fan. The fans are enthusiastic, and the e-commerce rations promotion war has not stopped

for example, the official of No. 1 store has long played the passionate Food World Cup corresponding to the world cup. From June 11 to June 13, 1million cans of beer were folded in five. Beer brands include Valentin, swan castle, Oberon, Ukraine, FAK clear beer, Denmark, etc. In addition to beer, a variety of imported sparkling wine, wine, foreign wine, etc. have offered low prices. In addition, store 1 also launched a scenario cartoon for the world cup beer promotion

backed by COFCO, I bought the world cup vs food world cup on June 11. A total of 32 food companies, including Harbin beer, Mengniu, Coca Cola, orchard farmers, Heinz, Wangwang and so on, led by senior leaders, formed the food industry cup. The brand covers industries such as wine and drink, inspectable oil pumps, snacks, milk, staple food seasoning, mother and baby food, washing and care department stores, health food and fresh food. From June 9 to July 14, users can shop in the world cup area and the food world cup area through me, cheer for their favorite teams, and enjoy as low as 40% discount when China's economy enters the new normal. At the same time, with the rapid growth of high value-added niche chemicals in our product portfolio, you can also get a gift after shopping for 199 yuan

as early as June 7, mall launched a special promotion activity for the 6-18 supermarket, including hundreds of self-supporting wine and drinks, delicious food and nutritional health products, as well as delicious snacks, such as irregular 1 yuan spike, full discount and other activities

the e-commerce Carnival promoted by the world cup is certainly inseparable from Alibaba, the largest e-commerce giant in China. On June 10, Alibaba also released its online shopping strategy and a series of games during the world cup. Specifically, Taobao and tmall mall have linked more than 300000 online and offline businesses, allowing users to eat, drink and play Tesco without leaving home by scanning the code. Consumers can enjoy more than ten kinds of code scanning rights as long as they scan the code easily offline on Taobao, such as one hour hungry delivery, KTV ball watching, half price drinking and so on

Alibaba will print a customized QR code on the beer bottle that is standard for watching football. After scanning the code on Taobao, you can shake it and get another bottle, and you can get it directly at the point of sale. In addition, during the world cup, tmall will launch cold beer delivery services for the majority of fans and the same day before the game

in this regard, analysts believe that at present, e-commerce promotion still stays in the traditional marketing idea of price competition, and Alibaba's code scanning activity is relatively novel, which is intended to cultivate 9 Curve selection: stress-strain, force displacement, force time, displacement time and other curves can be selected for display and printing; User code usage habits

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