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Thoughts on wine packaging design

China's wine culture has been formed as early as the Zhou Dynasty, and has been continuously enriched and developed since the Han Dynasty. It is one of the three ancient wine cultures in the world. After thousands of years of vicissitudes, it is still famous in the world for its exquisite craftsmanship, unique style and maximum sales volume, and takes the lead in the forest of world wine culture with its long history and profound connotation

wine culture is a common feature of all ethnic cultures of mankind. It has a wide range of sociality and populism, contains rich connotation, and has a deep social foundation, distinctive national characteristics and lasting vitality

wine and packaging, in the development history of thousands of years, are two interactive industries that integrate with each other, promote each other, develop together, reflect each other, and shine. Wine is a product, which becomes a commodity after packaging and enters the circulation field. Entering the market, you will be impacted by a wide variety of brands: national famous brand, local famous brand, manufacturer famous brand, old famous brand, new famous brand a superb collection of beautiful things. Red, green, white, yellow, black, gold, colorful strong colors stimulate consumers, coupled with a variety of high, short, fat, thin packaging boxes, neatly lined up. These packages all have their own characteristics and "style", among which there are many beautiful, generous and outstanding ones, especially the appearance of famous brand wine bottles, transparent glass texture, the brilliance of ceramic glaze, and the thick and moving "figure" (shape) is hidden, "boudoir for words" (for sale). However, most of the packaging boxes are like one face, with similar composition, more geometric blocks and similar colors. It seems that it is not enough to show its luxurious style if it is not as good as this. As a result, such a situation appeared on the shelves. The packaging and contents were seriously out of balance, the packaging of low-priced wine and high-priced wine, and the packaging of national famous brand and non national famous brand wine were incompatible, causing misleading and rebellious psychology to consumers. With the opening and prosperity of the market, high-quality products can be found everywhere, but there are also fish eyes mixed with pearls, causing all kinds of harm to people and personal safety. Consumers are often afraid of new products and unfamiliar products. Packaging is not to win the favor of China. In the market competition, we should be in the spirit of seeking truth from facts. The packaging should reflect the grade of the same level of wine, and we should not confuse fish with pearls. Generally speaking, gifts, high, medium and low grades of packaging are appropriate. It should have personality and characteristics, and the internal quality of drinking should be unified, which is conducive to the clear choice of consumers, as well as the determination of sales areas, locations and sales targets by manufacturers and sales agents. It is a suicidal brand behavior to follow the "market trend" and "speculation trend", forget the identity, environment and sales target, and blindly pursue magnificence and follow others, and the consequences cannot be underestimated

wine bottles are divided into two categories in the market today. One is glass bottles, and the other is ceramic bottles. In terms of material, the former is transparent, glittering, gorgeous and high-end; The glaze of the latter is lovely, noble and elegant. However, due to different shapes, it will produce elegant, rich, luxurious, rough, fine, simple, honest, exquisite, clumsy and other feelings. Consumers have good, bad, beautiful and ugly comments on this. Sometimes, there are also derogatory comments on the cultural quality of the distillery. However, many old factories produce different brands of wine, but the bottles are exactly the same. You can fill them and put labels on them before leaving the factory. This kind of packaging container without brand creation, intellectual property awareness and patent registration is rampant. No wonder these products can't open the market and have low efficiency. The crux of this is that they don't intend to create a brand at all. In order to stand on the market, a brewing enterprise must strive for famous brands, stand at the height of corporate culture, pay close attention to the internal quality of wine, bottle modeling and packaging design, and create its own fame and establish its own school. There is no way out to imitate or pursue "stars". Only through innovation can we be "unique". In terms of ideology, emotion and cultural quality, we should have the upper hand. Standing high, we can see far, and the product will be extraordinary. The products will last forever in the market and remain invincible

the packaging of wine must have the characteristics of personality and origin. The sales scope of liquor is wide, and the origin of high-quality liquor in China is mostly in mountainous areas with good water quality. Moutai in Guizhou, Luzhou Laojiao, Shanxi Fenjiu, Fengxiang Xiyi, and Sanxia alcohol in the Three Gorges are all famous springs in Laojiao. Many packages can't see the origin, or it's not obvious, which can't reflect the cultural connotation of local wine. Uniform geometric figures, block surface segmentation, or gold plate with a metal paper plus the name of the product, this form is also understandable, but it lacks the characteristics of its own origin. If there are more such packages, it will not have its own brand. It will be submerged by the sea without characteristics, and this brand and even this factory will disappear. Moreover, mankind is entering an era of global communication and global competition. Human material production and spiritual production are highly cosmopolitan, and are increasingly developing towards internationalization. On the wine cabinet of the store, foreign wine and national wine go hand in hand. On a competitive line, there are a wide variety of wines competing for beauty. Only the more personalized, localized, nationalized and humanized packaging can be more international and recognized by the world. There are Xinghua village on the Fen wine box, Wusong fighting the tiger in Jingyanggang wine, the Qingming River map on the Songhe grain liquid, and the Yangtze River Three Gorges map on the Three Gorges alcohol package, all of which have the beauty of finishing the point. Maotai liquor has used the old packaging for one or two hundred years. It is a habitual packaging and famous brand packaging. Its packaging itself has local characteristics, reflecting the simple and bold character of mountain people

peony: elegant and gorgeous, three-level ribbed steel bar is made of 20MnSi steel with microalloyed elements of vanadium or niobium. It is gorgeous and shiny, and has always been known as a symbol of wealth and auspiciousness. Plum blossom: proud snow ushering in spring, full of vitality, is a symbol of personality. Orchid: delicate fragrance, beautiful leaves and pure flowers. Lotus: pure and beautiful, dignified and elegant, which is the symbol of auspiciousness. Taking several kinds of flowers as examples, it shows that different praises for beauty have their own demeanor, strengths and characteristics, and are loved by people at different levels. The shape of the wine bottle and the design of the packing box have the pursuit of wealth and grandeur, grace and luxury, as well as the simple and elegant writing, such as flowers, such as people, which is caused by personality. Some of the composition and colors are just right, "light makeup and heavy makeup are always appropriate", which is very comfortable. But some of them are gorgeous and noble, and they are too much. They are like ugly women with heavy makeup. They are soft and uncomfortable. Magnificence and simplicity are popular with most people. Like flowers, some people like plum blossoms, some like orchids, some like peonies, and some like lotus as friends, which all depend on the hobby of the viewer. It can't be generalized, which is the original intention of "letting a hundred flowers bloom". But not all good wines. The packaging of high-end wines should be golden and jade. If it is not gorgeous, it cannot reflect the birth of a famous family. Maotai and ghost wines are high-end, and Zhu Cui has not been seen. However, some non high-quality wines are wrapped in gold and silver, just like the nouveau riche, with fur, jewelry, ears hanging, and neck circumference. They think they are rich and noble, but they are vulgar. What's the beauty? I don't object to magnificence, but it should be handled properly, not affectation, and truly reflect the appearance of magnificence. Many people like simplicity, which is not equal to shabby, not equal to no decoration, not equal to not high-end. The Three Gorges stone is known as a rare stone with natural shape and free and easy texture. When viewing the Three Gorges stone in Yichang, Wang Chaowen said to collectors, "nature is the most important thing." The good thing is that nature is valuable and the wonder is natural. About in the early 1980s, Yichang designers have designed a pebble shaped wine bottle shape, using pebble turnover mold, made of pottery, cut into a cover at one-third of the place, and even the mouth of the wine bottle is in the cover. After sealing, it is a complete pebble, smooth, with stone patterns, sealed with wine label, which is very popular after it is put on the market. Because of its simplicity, it has made a detailed plan for the development of China's new material industry during the "1035" period. It has great artistic interest and has won the Provincial Packaging Design Award. It was more than ten years earlier than the later designed pebble shaped wine bottle. Later, bamboo shaped bottles, bamboo shoots and gourd bottles were successively reproduced from the original objects. They are all natural forms, and do not win with magnificence, but plain, elegant and strange, and are mostly collected by lovers. Later, imitation chime bottles, tripod shaped bottles, facial makeup shaped bottles, beer barrel shaped bottles, sack shaped bottles, fish shaped bottles, human shaped bottles and so on appeared in the market. There are more and more wine bottle shapes. In the final analysis, it is the market. They are solemn, simple and unsophisticated, and do not use too much carving and whitewashing, so there is a lot of space. The body of jewels and gems is often improperly decorated, which backfires, and buyers are few and even prohibitive. Although simplicity is not the only standard of beauty, several flower examples have been explained. However, the packaging of wine is a commodity, not a pure work of art. It has cultural connotation and is the carrier of art. The packaging and decoration of wine is a window of the economic era, which should have a distinct sense of the times, the market and the cultural taste of modern people

there are four points in this article: first, the packaging design style of wine must be national, regional and unique in order to have a distinctive personality; Second, the packaging and decoration design of wine must be consistent with the quality and price grade of wine to achieve synchronization. Any over packaging, false packaging, deceptive packaging and insufficient packaging that do not live up to the name will bring huge losses to the production enterprises that still perform well after melting for three times; Third, the packaging design of wine must consider the interests of the majority of people, and pay attention to the practicality and practicality in the reuse of materials, materials and production technology; Fourth, the decoration design of wine should consider the perfect shelf display, strong artistic appeal, novelty, cohesion and competitiveness in similar commodities in the market exhibition. Whether it is "Daqiao thanks for carving" or "sending the taste to indifference", it cannot be separated from the profound cultural accumulation and the internal quality of wine

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