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Recently, at the 2017 national Partner Conference of Inspur cloud data center, Inspur made it clear that it would focus on smart computing as one of the three pillars of Inspur's smart computing framework. Cloud computing would continue to adhere to the strategy of ecological openness and technology integration, develop an open-source cloud ecosystem with openstack as the core, and promote integrated architecture products and solutions for cloud data centers

at the meeting, Inspur released Yunhai OS 5.0, a smart cloud operating system for the next generation of cloud data with rare earth element cores and cloud native applications. Compared with version 4.5, Yunhai OS 5.0 will be fully based on openstack architecture and provide excellent functionality, availability, security, and toolchain advantages in cloud services and microservices, Docker function is further improved. Yunhai OS with fast features is committed to building an open, integrated and secure cloud for government and enterprise users, supporting the future oriented smart computing world

cloud computing, the original driving force of wisdom

nowadays, the development of cloud computing has become increasingly mature. The global cloud computing market size will reach 65.4 billion in 2016 and 143.5 billion US dollars by 2020; China's cloud computing market also reached $7.6 billion in 2016 and will reach $28.2 billion by 2020. The proportion of enterprises using cloud computing in the world will rise from 33% in 2016 to 53%, and the proportion using cloud will rise from one third to more than one half, which will be a huge change

Wang Endong, CEO of Inspur Group, said that the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and intelligent applications has brought the rise of intelligent computing. Taking cloud computing as the basic platform, big data as the cognitive method, deep learning as the optimization tool, Inspur smart computing adheres to the concept of openness and integration, and embraces the smart world with ecological partners

small opening to large opening

cloud computing is an important support for smart computing. In the big ecosystem of cloud computing, no one can play with it. For a long time, Inspur Yunhai OS adheres to the open strategy, and integrates openstack from version 4.0. Through the open API interface, it realizes the docking with openstack and other products in the industry. In the past, this openness was more like a compatible openness. Yunhai OS 5.0 is fully based on the openstack open source framework, and the openstack open architecture has integrated the product technology of almost all mainstream ICT suppliers after 7 years and 15 versions of iteration. At this time, Yunhai OS has realized the transformation from small opening to large opening

Peng Zhen, vice president of Inspur Group, delivered a speech

Peng Zhen, vice president of Inspur Group, said that after Inspur became a gold medal member of openstack, Yunhai OS 5.0 is the latest practice of Inspur to adhere to the openstack technology route. Yunhai OS 5.0 can be said to be a milestone in the change of Yunhai products. Its release marks the full opening of Inspur cloud platform architecture

Yunhai OS, so fast

Yunhai OS 5.0 is composed of incloud Ma5, cold chamber liner material: PVC plastic material (with good thermal insulation performance, nager (cloud management platform), incloud openstack core (core cloud platform), incloud sphere, incloud storage, incloud network, and incloud security components. In Yunhai OS version 5.0, the cloud service directory is further expanded, and the micro service architecture is adopted to support the rapid deployment of docker, so as to realize the automatic perception of user business, intelligent management of resources and automatic delivery of services

Yunhai OS 5.0 architecture

although the public cloud has developed rapidly, enterprise informatization users cannot put all key businesses and core data on the public cloud, but they still need to build their own industry cloud or private cloud. These users have two major demands for going to the cloud: first, the support of a stable underlying virtualization platform; Second, a large number of existing heterogeneous hardware resources and software platforms need unified management

aiming at the imperfections of openstack in scheme integrity, implementation deployment, problem positioning and security, Inspur proposed the concept of fast products, forming competitive advantages in functionality, availability, security and toolchain


Yunhai OS 5.0 optimizes and extends the functions of openstack horizontally, integrates heterogeneous management capabilities, cloud service directory delivery, and at the operation and maintenance level, such as process approval, metering and billing, refined monitoring, etc., and deeply integrates Inspur incloud manager and openstack to meet the systematic needs of enterprise level cloud platforms

Yunhai OS supports the unified management of heterogeneous systems of multi vendor virtualization software, x86 servers, and minicomputers, and adds database services and container services. It can provide external virtual machines, cloud hard disks, cloud firewalls, cloud load balancing, cloud networks, and other computing, storage, network, security, and application resources. The maximum displacement of the sample at the loading point is only 0.1mm


targeted selection and optimization are carried out for the core capabilities of the cloud platform concerned by users, providing a comprehensive high availability design covering system architecture, controller, virtualization and storage, realizing high availability of business, platform, architecture and physical hardware, and ensuring the continuity of tenant business to the greatest extent

Yunhai OS adopts micro service architecture to improve the stability of the overall system and realize the construction of minute level cloud environment. When a fault occurs, ensure the second level recovery of the business and the smooth upgrade of the system

security enhancement (Security)

Yunhai OS 5.0 can achieve defense in depth, situational awareness, and provide a complete security protection system together with ecological partners. Vertically, it can achieve security protection from the hardware, virtualization layer, business layer, and horizontally, it can also be coated with stickers, data protection and other dimensions on the foothold of rats through user management, access control, monitoring and audit to achieve security reinforcement

Yunhai OS 5.0 adopts layered security reinforcement design to secure virtual machines, hypervisors and physical hosts under the cloud platform respectively


Yunhai OS 5.0 has formed a complete set of automatic tool system for daily operation and maintenance in terms of installation and deployment, system operation and maintenance, monitoring and alarm, log management, 3D machine room, etc., and gradually improved the construction of intelligent operation and maintenance tools such as early warning and intelligent monitoring

implement Inspur incloud openstack containerized installation and deployment tool based on the kolla project, supporting 100000 level container resource scheduling and management, and container second level startup; In terms of system operation and maintenance, Yunhai OS has the function of 3D computer room to realize 3D visual monitoring and management

based on cloud OS, it can help users realize the rapid deployment and construction of data centers, the stable and uninterrupted operation of businesses, and the automatic operation and maintenance of data centers. The release of Yunhai OS 5.0 is a strong support for Inspur's open cloud computing strategy. Openstack is a huge open source ecological community. Inspur is actively involved in community work and is committed to becoming the best practitioner of openstack and an important force to promote the implementation of industry cloud

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