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Wood plastic composites will develop rapidly in 2013

recently, the Market Research Report of Bristol application market information consulting company in the UK shows that it is expected that the annual growth rate of wood plastic composites will reach 22016 by the end of 2013. Among them, the largest increase is expected to be in building materials and interior decoration, and outdoor flooring will still play a leading role in the application of wood plastic composites in the international market

at the 8th wood plastic composite symposium held in Vienna, the wood plastic composite coextrusion production line displayed by Barton Phil Cincinnati technology laboratory produced this kind of metamaterial, which also showed a series of multifunctional properties. The linear speed of the seven chamber outdoor floor produced reached 2.25 meters/minute. The output reaches 400 kg/6 hours. This outdoor floor profile not only meets the growing market demand, but also saves up to 25% of the raw material cost compared with the profile produced with pure new raw materials because of the recycled materials used in its inner layer. Production demonstration raw materials and specifications are (160 × The 30 cm mold is provided by a partner company in Belgium. The core part of the extrusion production line is a fiberex92 extruder and a fiberex38 coextrusion machine with compact structure, whose construction performance is not yet available. His company has the utilization value of "a batch of these types of corn processing plants" in the region

another partner, delta wood products from the Netherlands, also showed a brand-new composite house at the Barton field Cincinnati technical laboratory. Based on the concept of "simple house" of assembly parts, it is designed for self installation. Especially considering its application in disaster areas, the company showed its innovative application field of wood plastic profiles. In addition to the metal reinforcement in the load-bearing structure, the maximum strength of the building structure comes from the effective sequencing of wood particles inside the wood plastic profile

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