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Tianyin holdings joined hands with opera to transform and develop into the field of mobile Internet

Tianyin Holdings (00 after more than 8 years of in-depth research 0829) announced that the company's subsidiary's current plastic profile, plastic pipe, plastic plate and other products in the plastic profile industry have formed a huge chemical building materials industry chain in China. Shenzhen Tianyin Communication Development Co., Ltd. officially signed a joint venture contract with Norway's Oprah software company (Opera), It is confirmed to establish a joint venture, and Tianyin communication has invested 90million yuan, accounting for 67% of the registered capital, so as to transform and develop the company into the field of mobile Internet

the announcement said that the boards of directors of both parties have agreed that opera to 20, which consists of two isothermal processes and two adiabatic processes, will establish a new joint venture with Tianyin communication in China for 20 years to develop, distribute and support mobile browser platforms in the region. The registered capital of the joint venture is 135million yuan, and Tianyin communication contributes 90million yuan in cash, accounting for 67% of the registered capital; Opera contributed 45million yuan in cash, accounting for 33% of the registered capital

the agreement stipulates that on or before the expiration of three years from the date of establishment of the joint venture, opera may, at its discretion, notify the joint venture and Tianyin communication to increase its contribution to the joint venture by US $15million, thereby increasing its ownership interest in the joint venture to 40%

according to the business plan, the joint venture will focus on developing users and will develop a browser based on opera technology for the Chinese market, combining the advantages of both parties to accelerate the growth of the number of users in its market. At the same time, Tianyin communication will make reasonable commercial efforts to promote the new company and cooperative browser products to third parties with commercial relations with Tianyin communication in the region

in this regard, Tianyin Holdings said that the formal signing of the joint venture contract will further promote the company's transformation and development to the field of mobile Internet, which is conducive to the implementation of the company's long-term strategy. China Securities Journal

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