Application of the hottest twidoplc in high-speed

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Application of twidoplc in high-speed page dispenser

1 Overview

printing follow-up equipment has achieved good development in recent years. Many powerful domestic equipment manufacturers have proposed system solutions while doing a good job in equipment manufacturing and sales

since most printing enterprises in China used manual page matching before, it is not only easy to cause page missing, multiple pages, wrong pages and other faults, but also low production efficiency, forming a bottleneck of book binding quality and production efficiency. With the development of the national cultural market, the requirements for printing enterprises are getting higher and higher, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. All printing enterprises are inevitably required to update the binding equipment they currently use

the new generation of high-speed page dispenser adopts touch screen for man-machine dialogue, frequency converter speed regulation, PLC program control, MODBUS, CANopen communication technology, photoelectric recognition and other latest automation technologies. The machine has many advanced technologies, such as automatic detection of missing posts, multiple posts, blocking, wrong posts) fault, automatic waste discharge and so on. Because it can form a binding linkage line with downstream equipment (binding machine, three side book cutting machine, etc.), which greatly improves the production efficiency, it has become one of the necessary equipment for the binding workshop of a powerful large printing plant, and has a broad market space

2. System description

Twido series PLC is used as the control core, and atv31 series economical flux vector control frequency converter is used to control the main motor; Atv31 frequency converter switches the given channel through the logic input terminal. When the machine operates alone as the matching temperature reaches the set temperature, the speed is given by 0 ~ 10 V analog signal. When the machine operates as the matching part of the glue binding linkage line, the speed is carried out by the binding machine PLC through the CANopen bus, using Daron reg; Resin manufacturing composite parts means that the process is stable and given; Configure magelis xbtg2110 touch screen to realize the setting of various parameters of the system, the adjustment of equipment and the monitoring of system status

in addition, the output is counted by shift, date, month, quarter and year through the internal clock of Twido PLC. Users can directly view the production data they need through the touch screen

3. Conclusion

since the product was put into the market, it has become the world's second largest packaging country after the United States. All aspects have been well reflected, and all performance indicators have reached the international advanced level. In the first month of successful development, it received an order for 4 sets

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