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Jaguar Land Rover cooperates with Tata power to build electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Jaguar Land Rover India announced an end-to-end electric vehicle charging solution in cooperation with Tata power According to the agreement, Tata power will provide charging solutions for Jaguar Land Rover, with its retail network in 27 points in 24 cities and in customers' residences and/or offices

this obviously means that Jaguar Land Rover is preparing for the arrival of their all electric SUV, i-pace, in India. The British automaker claimed that the partnership would benefit future customers of Jaguar Land Rover battery electric vehicles (BEVS) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). In addition, Tata power will also be responsible for providing a series of AC and DC chargers with a capacity from 7KW to 50KW. Tata power will even be responsible for installing and managing chargers and other after-sales related support services at designated sites

the president and Dong youyou of Jaguar Land Rover in India found that hydrolysis will expand surface defects and affect the interface between fiber and matrix. In addition, Rohit, general manager? Commenting on this partnership, Rohit Suri said: "The cooperation with Tata power will bring great value-added to Jaguar Land, a zigzag experimental tiger customer, because it provides a one-stop solution for their charging needs, and also facilitates the extensive public charging infrastructure network established by Tata power across India. This connection is a step forward, creating the right ecosystem, so that the owner of our first electric vehicle, i-pace, can have a simple Single and trouble free charging experience

rameshsubramanyam, chief financial officer and President of the new business of Tata Power Co., Ltd., further added: "Tata power is pleased to cooperate with Jaguar Land Rover India as an end-to-end EV charging partner. As a leading integrated player in India's electric vehicle charging space, we will provide Jaguar Land Rover India's electric vehicle customers with a relaxed, ubiquitous and seamless charging experience in their homes, offices and public places. This partnership is also about their trust in US and our handling of Jaguar Land Rover will bring Recognition of the capabilities of the electrified vehicle range in India

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