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Jade colored glass fills the gap in the "city of glass"

when talking about glass, people first think of the glittering and translucent "color is the same as ice, and nothing is separated from fine dust". In ancient times, because it was difficult to refine and was mostly used by the royal family, it was regarded as more precious than jade and gold. In Qinhuangdao, the "city of glass", the technology of ancient glazed ware has not only been inherited, but also upgraded. Hebei Dongyun handicraft processing Co., Ltd. has successfully developed jade coloured glazed crafts, which has successfully filled the domestic gap

according to legend, glass is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, the "five colored stone" used by Nuwa to fill the sky, and the "Liu Li" carrying the moving story of Fan Li and Xi Shi. The manufacturing method inherited from the Han Dynasty more than 2000 years ago is called ancient glazed glaze. The specific method is roughly as follows: cover the carved model with silica gel, pour hot-melt wax into the silica gel model, tear off the silica gel, wrap the wax model with gypsum, and then melt the wax at high temperature, leaving an empty model of gypsum. Finally, inject liquid glass stone that flows like water, burn it at high temperature, and peel off the gypsum after cooling. As the plaster peels off a little, the flowing clouds' Li color and brilliance and clarity will gradually appear after the dust. After polishing, the colored glass will become more and more smooth. The whole process is like Phoenix Nirvana, which is shocking

however, this traditional glass has been developed into a metal tensile testing machine. As the name suggests, the equipment for routine mechanical property testing of metal materials or composites shows aesthetic fatigue, "After more than three years of research and development, we have produced a series of jade colored glaze, including white jade, ruby, topaz and black jade. With this jade colored glaze, we can redo some traditional shapes and new designs, giving people a new feeling. It can be said that jade colored glaze is an extension of the glaze technology, an upgrade of the traditional glaze technology, and has a leading position in the industry." He Xiaofei, manager of Hebei Dongyun handicraft processing Co., Ltd., said

It is understood that Hebei Dongyun handicraft processing Co., Ltd., founded in June 2014, is a ready-made electronic tensile testing machine for teaching toy playing with WDS (1) led by research and development, including single 100 digital liquid crystal display (portal), WDS (5) 0 liquid crystal display (portal), WDS (1) 0/20/30 liquid crystal display electronic tensile testing machine (double arm portal structure) Wds-02/05 liquid crystal display electronic tensile testing machine (single arm type), rubber film tensile testing machine, WDS ⑴/2/3/5 liquid crystal digital display electronic tensile testing machine (can be equipped with large deformation) and other models, scientific and cultural enterprises that develop traditional glass, jade glass, colored glass artworks and handicrafts. The company has set up a R & D and production team headed by he Xiaofei, which is composed of senior technicians and production technicians. He Xiaofei, who graduated from Luxun Academy of fine arts, is a national arts and crafts expert and a senior first-class technician of national handicraft carving. For many years, he has been engaged in the research, development, production and production of jade carving, traditional glass, colored glass art and crafts. He has deep theoretical foundation, strong research and development ability, rich production and management experience, and is a well-known arts and crafts expert in the industry

"the glazed products produced by the new materials, new processes and new technologies developed by our team have high collection and appreciation value." In the exhibition room of the company, jade Buddha statues, Guan Gong dynamic fatigue testing machine: statues, great men, wolf heads, jade teapots Crystal clear, dazzling, people can't put it down

jade colored glazed teapot grinding

"in addition to producing all kinds of Buddha statues, we also produce teapots, pen holders, household decorations and other handicrafts." In the processing workshop of the company, he Xiaofei led the workers to pack jade colored glazed teapots, "Through technological transformation, we can shape the spout and handle of the teapot at one time without secondary connection. At present, we can produce this kind of smooth jade colored glass teapot, as well as the frosted jade colored glass teapot with sand surface. The hardness of the jade colored glass teapot can reach the hardness of jade, and we won't worry about the problems such as fragmentation in daily life. It is both beautiful and practical."

It is reported that at present, glass crafts are more popular in the south. The orders of Hebei Dongyun Crafts Processing Co., Ltd. are mainly concentrated in some monasteries in the south. The north is not familiar with glass crafts. Compared with the high price of jade, the price of glass crafts is more people-friendly and noble, so it has great market potential in the future

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