Application of the hottest TSC Industrial Ethernet

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Application of TSC Industrial Ethernet switch in automatic control system

Introduction to the production control system network reconstruction project of a Cement Co., Ltd. in Guangdong

cement production workshops are generally in harsh industrial environments such as high temperature, high humidity and high dust, so the control equipment and control network (Industrial Ethernet) must have industrial standards to ensure long-term stable work in harsh environments. The TSC series industrial Ethernet switch used by a Cement Co., Ltd. in the network transformation of the production control system fully meets the industrial standards, and has strong adaptability in terms of high temperature resistance, electromagnetic interference resistance, high humidity resistance and redundant power supply. The 10-year mean time between failures can fully meet the stringent requirements of the control system for network communication equipment

scheme overview

the composition of the whole system is as follows:

1 Monitoring system: Industrial Ethernet, TSC carat 5008fc2 redundant Ring Industrial Ethernet switch

2 PLC control system

program features:

☆ the excellent ICT TSC carat5508f clamp device used in this program should not be completely locked. The C2 manageable industrial redundant looping caused huge economic losses of 10 points. This is a communication device specially designed and manufactured for industrial applications, which supports the "supreme ring" ring protocol, When any communication link fails, it will be detected within 300ms, and will show you the best service, and will start redundant links to transmit data to keep the automation system working normally. This equipment has high-performance switching technology and perfect network management function

☆ TSC carat5508fc2 has good operability, and its basic settings can be completed through the panel keys. In addition, the basic parameters that have been set can be viewed and verified through the front LCD panel: local and remote status, internal temperature, startup time, etc.

☆ TSC carat5508fc2 has strong anti vibration, anti electromagnetic interference, dust prevention and other characteristics

☆ TSC carat5508fc2 uses Ma Ruiwen, which also indicates that there is no fan Low power design, support redundant power function, greatly enhance the reliability of the system

☆ TSC carat5508fc2 conforms to IP30 industrial protection standard. - The wide working temperature of 20 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃ ensures that the industrial Ethernet switch works well in the harsh industrial site

tsc advantages

☆ strong adaptability to harsh industrial field environment

☆ reliable and fast redundant Ring Technology (recovery time 300ms under full load)

☆ relay output fault alarm function

☆ support redundant power function, greatly enhance the reliability of the system

☆ convenient on-site installation and humanized configuration function

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