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Application of twidoplc in EVA molding machine control system

1 Overview EVA molding machine is to produce midsole, slippers, sports protective equipment and various footwear accessories based on EVA raw materials. Improving the supply level of aviation materials is an important basic support for the development of advanced manufacturing industry and the construction of manufacturing power. It can also cooperate with other molds and raw materials to produce other finished products. In recent years, China's footwear industry has developed rapidly, and the total annual production of footwear products has accounted for 51% of the world's output; At the same time, China's shoemaking machinery industry has also been able to grow rapidly, with annual sales increasing by 20% every year

in this control system, because there are many process control and logic control, the processing speed of PLC CPU is very high. We use the premiun as the main computing CPU, and the Twido PLC is an intelligent distributed i/o. In this configuration, Twido PLC mainly processes field logic signals and communication control atv31 frequency converter and other communication equipment. Twido Yingchuang is committed to the research and development of special polymer powder PLC that can be used in the production of 3D printing materials, which solves the local control task, reduces the amount of main CPU programs, and reduces the device cost of the solution for more information

2. System composition

the control system is mainly composed of injection gun, injection seat displacement, mold opening and closing, temperature control and other actions. Now take six stations' direct pressing type ', double injection gun and mobile linear type as examples to analyze the whole control process and electrical system:

1) injection gun: the process requirements are mainly the amount of extruded material, especially the' midsole ', which requires that the material be controlled within 0.8g. Because this product is a semi-finished product, it needs to cooperate with other products. The pressure and flow of all oil circuit actions of the injection gun are uniformly controlled by the proportional amplification plate, and the pressure and flow are required to be reduced in a curve relationship throughout the injection process. Using resistance ruler to detect the material quantity requires fast CPU response time for electrical control, and high accuracy of resistance ruler and analog quantity. The temperature shall be controlled within ± 1 ℃

2) seat shifting: it is required to move smoothly, quickly and accurately (within 0.6mm) in the whole process of seat shifting. There are high requirements for the response speed and position detection of the frequency converter. Because there is an alignment requirement between the injection port and the mold feed port

3) mold opening and closing: the key is to control the rapid mold opening process, which is more important for a large foaming ratio. The whole process of electrical control is as fast as possible to ensure that the fast mold opening section is completed within 0.8s

4) temperature: different raw materials have different foaming temperatures. Unstable temperature will lead to incomplete foaming

5) the electrical configuration is as follows:

the operation interface adopts xbtg5230 with Ethernet port

the main CPU adopts tsxp573623m with built-in Ethernet port

four Twido twdlcaea40drf are used as distributed i/o, and the CPU has built-in Ethernet port and MODBUS port

the transfer adopts atv31 frequency converter

3 Summary

this machine is operated by full oil pressure. Except for the finished products, the rest are operated by automatic control, and cooperate with the humanized parametric computer operation interface and database to provide rapid and accurate production conditions. The cost of the system is greatly reduced because several Twido PLCs integrate 100M Ethernet CPU and expansion module as distributed i/o. At the same time, 100m high-speed Ethernet ensures the high-speed dynamic response of the system; Twido PLC CPU has Modbus communication port, which can be controlled without other accessories, and it also has its own atv31 frequency converter with MODBUS port. The built-in macro communication function of Twido PLC programming software makes the communication control of atv31 frequency converter simple and effective, and saves i/o. These characteristics make the whole system have extremely high cost performance, which greatly improves the market competitiveness of this product

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