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Jac automobile released the reorganization plan: absorb and merge JAC's overall listing

on the evening of July 10, JAC automobile, which was suspended for nearly three months, released the reorganization plan. Jac automobile plans to absorb and merge JAC group by issuing shares to all shareholders of JAC group, including JAC holdings, China Construction Investment and Shiqin investment. On the evening of July 10, JAC motor, which had been suspended for nearly three months, issued a restructuring plan. Jac motor plans to absorb and merge JAC group by issuing shares to all shareholders of JAC group, including JAC holdings, construction investment and real estate investment. After the completion of absorption and merger, all assets, liabilities, businesses and employees directly related to businesses and assets of JAC group were merged into JAC motor, which was cancelled by JAC group, and the shares of JAC motor held by JAC group were also cancelled accordingly. The trading of the company's shares resumed on July 11

according to the plan, the net asset book value of the parent company of Jiangqi group is 2.086 billion yuan, the estimated total value is 6.398 billion yuan, and the estimated appreciation rate is 206.71%. According to the adjusted issuance price of 10.12 yuan/share, the number of shares issued this time is about 632million shares. In view of the fact that 35.43% of the shares (455million shares) of Jianghuai Automobile with short service life required to have a good contact surface held by JAC group after the transaction will be cancelled, and the actual newly increased shares in this transaction are about 177million shares. As the payment consideration for this absorption and merger, the shareholders of JAC group participating in the transaction will obtain a certain number of new A-share shares of JAC automobile according to their shareholding ratio of JAC group

at the same time, JAC motor plans to issue non-public shares to no more than 10 specific investors at a price of no less than 9.11 yuan for supporting financing of no more than 596 million yuan to supplement the working capital of listed companies. After the reorganization, the actual controller of JAC automobile is still Anhui Province, which has promoted Haier New materials to the fields of electronics, automobiles, construction, etc

the overall listing of JAC automobile is an important measure for our province to implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises. The construction investment involved in the restructuring is a strategic investor introduced by Jiangqi, and Shiqin investment is a shareholding platform for the management of Jiangqi. Jac automobile announced that JAC group seized the opportunity of this overall listing to promote equity diversification reform by introducing strategic investors and implementing management shareholding, which is in line with the current policy guidance of mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises

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