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Yuchai: work hard to grasp the opportunity to resist the cold winter of the market

Yuchai: work hard to grasp the opportunity to resist the cold winter of the market

China Construction Machinery Information

Guide: affected by macroeconomic policy regulation, the market continued to be depressed in 2012. From January to April 2012, except for the positive growth of the passenger car sector, the other major market segments of China's automobile industry experienced declines to varying degrees. The engine industry is facing a severe situation. 14 major domestic diesel engine enterprises

affected by macroeconomic policy regulation, the market continued to be depressed in 2012. From January to April 2012, except for the positive growth of the passenger car sector, the other major market segments of China's automobile industry experienced declines to varying degrees. The engine industry is facing a severe situation. The total sales of 14 major domestic diesel engine enterprises decreased by 23.8% year-on-year, and the industry generally experienced underoperation. Although Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. sold about 170000 sets of products from January to April, and the industry proportion achieved a positive growth of 1.1%, the situation is still not optimistic

facing the cold market, is it to overcome difficulties and forge ahead? Or are you afraid to retreat and never recover? The strong Yuchai machine Iron Army chose the former. The annual sales target of "maintaining 520000 units and striving for 560000 units" is still high. All employees of the company gathered their strength, united as one, took the market as the guide, practiced their internal skills hard, cut the way in the desperate situation, and sought a breakthrough in the development against the trend

marketing line: seize every opportunity and grasp every order

under the situation of poor market, strengthening the prediction and guidance of market sales, improving the service level, and realizing the transformation of supply allocation from passive to active regulation is one of the keys to seize orders. "At present, the market situation is relatively severe, and the requirements of OEMs and customers are relatively strict. We must spend more time and energy to compete for the market." Sun Guohua, assistant general manager of Yuchai sales company, said. In order to grasp the latest dynamic information, better determine the direction of orders, seize every market opportunity, and do not lose any orders, the sales company has formed an efficient linkage working mechanism between the front and rear, and keenly grasp every market information. In the future, the local offices are more proactive and timely to contact the OEMs and their sales departments to timely understand the production, market sales, inventory changes and other situations of the OEMs. In the rear, all personnel cooperate with the office and the main engine factory in working hours, actively work overtime and communicate in time. At the same time, establish an order information platform for key customers, and timely release the information collected from OEM offices and end customer offices all over the country

"The severe market situation has led to the reduction of batch orders, the increase of scattered orders, and the increase of customers' randomness, which has brought great pressure on the accuracy and forward-looking of order forecasting. The establishment of a key customer order information platform is not only conducive to the company's timely analysis of the market situation, screening the interference of market factors, finding out the real dynamics of the market, adjusting production policies, accelerating the delivery speed, and meeting the high performance rate of orders, the same as It is also conducive to the communication and mutual supervision between the office of the main engine factory, the office of the end customer and the office of 1 circular arc synchronous gear belt. " Chen Yiping, assistant general manager of the sales company, said

under the situation that the market is not optimistic, the order is uncertain and the prediction accuracy is low, controlling a reasonable inventory can not only reduce the inventory risk, but also meet the high performance rate of the order. It is the key to winning the market and the embodiment of the strong comprehensive strength of the enterprise. "The sales company has formulated the periodic quantity standard according to the market situation, established the general direction, and informationized the inventory management. Nine of them are made in China 2025." Key areas in. On the one hand, we should use the perfect supply chain management information system and advanced IT technology to improve the timeliness and accuracy of information transmission; On the other hand, Yuchai also recommends the inventory management system to customers, so that member enterprises can establish a shared electronic data exchange system, realize information sharing, smooth logistics, and improve customer response speed, so as to reduce or eliminate the uncertainty of Yuchai inventory from the source, reduce the risk of overdue inventory, and shorten the delivery time. " Chen Yiping said

R & D line: work together to promote product R & d

the ten-year golden development period has made the current development of China's engine industry enter a new stage. The period of development relying on factors such as scale and price in the past has evolved into a period of development of ultrasonic level switches with science and technology as the first and technology leader after the cost has decreased. The double-edged sword of the market also means that the severe market will definitely breed more opportunities. Under this situation, it is imperative for Yuchai to seize more market segments and speed up the pace of new product research and development and market launch. "The off-season of production is not the off-season of R & D, but the hot season in which R & D personnel feel the heavy burden and the new product development is imminent. All the work of the engineering research institute builds stamina for the new product R & D, and all R & D personnel are building internal power." Wan Shenglan, Secretary of the general Party branch of the Engineering Research Institute, said. In order to improve the progress and effectiveness of project development, the Engineering Research Institute has strengthened project management. By improving the project system, strengthening the monthly, quarterly and annual evaluation of the project, it is clear that each leader above the middle level will serve as at least one project manager, and the project management platform and laboratory work platform have been developed. "The project management platform 'takes task management as the core' to realize the whole process management of the project from project initiation, startup, planning, implementation, control to project completion and summary. The system decomposes the project plan to achieve the goal into executable project task work, and carries out reasonable allocation and integration of project personnel, information, resources and progress for the task, so as to realize the rapid transmission and arrangement of project tasks to project members through Supervise the implementation of the work tasks of the project team to complete the control of project implementation. " Wan Shenglan said

the rapid launch of new products is conducive to seizing market share, but reducing product design errors, improving product reliability, and strengthening the maturity of new products on the market are the most fundamental core competitiveness of enterprises. "On the one hand, the Engineering Research Institute has strict requirements on the implementation of the top-down design process and management system to ensure that the design intentions of the sector leaders, the chief platform engineer and the chief technical engineer are reflected in the design and reduce design errors; on the other hand, it has worked hard on the refinement and implementation of the quality development of parts and components. This year, it organized suppliers to jointly review the quality development specifications of parts and components one by one, and strictly followed the 2+1 development model in the process of project development That is, the development mode of two main suppliers plus one standby supplier, revise the management system and process of joint development agreement, start the signing of joint development agreement of a+ project, and improve the reliability of R & D products. " Wan Shenglan said

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