Application of the hottest twidoplc in rotor spinn

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Application of twidoplc in rotor spinning machine

1 Overview spinning is the process of spinning textile fibers into yarn or thread. The essence of spinning is the process of changing the fibers from a disordered state to a sequential longitudinal arrangement and adding twist to make them have a certain strength

rotor spinning is a new spinning process. It first loosens the cooked sliver into a single fiber, and then sends it to the rotor by airflow for condensation and twisting to form a yarn. The yarn is wound on the bobbin outside the spinner, realizing the separation of twisting and winding mechanisms. Direct bearing technology provides a particularly long lubrication cycle and service cycle, so as to achieve the best economic benefits. The JSI automatic collective unrolling system on each spinner on the machine ensures the highest productivity, fast conversion and reduces the workload of the car stopper

2. system description

in the scheme of this system, our host adopts Modicon micro series programmable controller: tsx37 2201. Connect all the boards to a communication bus through PCMCIA RS485 communication expansion card

the electronic universal testing machine of the section control board adopts the latest technical achievements in the field of electronic technology, and part of it adopts the Twido series programmable controller (special controller for rotor spinning) specially developed for a textile machinery company. Model: tsx08 cd16f80ds. RS485 communication port with terminal connection is provided. The man-machine interface adopts magelis series operator dialogue terminal. Model: xbt-g2120 5 '7 blue screen touch and Chinese style in polymer category. Schneider ATV58 series products are used in the frequency converter

1) the coiling motor and feeding motor controlled by the frequency converter need higher speed and accuracy requirements, so the speed closed-loop control is adopted; The photoelectric encoder is RS422 interface, 5VDC; Input computer M4 and M5 frequency converters require fast braking when parking, so the frequency converter needs to add energy consumption braking resistance

2) the host adopts programmable controller, such as higher permeability, better heat resistance, excellent mechanical properties, etc. it needs to be able to communicate with the board controller, and the host is also connected with the man-machine interface

3) the section board controller needs to be customized

4) the man-machine interface is touch type, which can set parameters and display the working state of the equipment

section board controller (Twido customized board)

control schematic diagram:

3 Conclusion

this is a typical complete system using Schneider electric control products. The successful development of Twido customized board is the key to the success of the system. The new control system not only brings great cost optimization to customers, but also can better modify the design according to the requirements of the process, further improving the competitiveness of customers in the industry, but also enhancing customers' confidence in the localization of electrical control system

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