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Application of Turck connector in machine tool equipment industry

a certain equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a science and technology leading enterprise integrating scientific research and development, technical design and production and manufacturing. A large number of sensors and actuators are used in the design and manufacturing of its machine tools and other auxiliary materials. Such as proximity switches and solenoid valves. Its wiring quantity is large and diverse, and the wiring of the position sensor located in the manipulator is completed by dragging the rail, which is more complex

numerous cables, wiring workload and man hour consumption in the equipment; As well as the subsequent maintenance work such as cable joint loosening, falling off and leakage, which may be caused by machine vibration and worker operation after the equipment is delivered to the customer for normal operation, are the problems to be solved by the customer. As the customer said, we should not only consider the rationality and simplicity of wiring, but also consider the stability, reliability, durability and maintainability of the equipment after operation

with the development and expansion of the enterprise and its entry into the high-end market, engineers hope that Turck company can provide a better wiring scheme to solve the problem that the net amount of funds raised after deducting the issuance expenses is intended to be used for the project of electroplating diamond wire with an annual output of 6million kilometers. Of course, the increased cost should not be too high

turck's technicians arrived at the customer's assembly workshop to collect relevant information. After in-depth communication, they proposed to widely use connectors to solve these problems

turck's connector connection form comes in real use here. Field sensors have M12 and M8 interface sizes, and the length of wiring cables varies from 1 to 20m. Turck provides prefabricated connectors at both ends, m12-m12 or m8-m12. The cable length can be customized according to the requirements of customers. For towing track wiring, Turck also adopts the high flexible cable of its unique technology flexlife, whose high toughness, strength and service life can ensure long-term normal use in the towing track without shutdown. Good anti vibration performance and IP67 dust and water proof grade can also ensure the long-term reliable operation of the connector in harsh environments

in addition, Turck provides standard valve head connectors for actuators such as field solenoid valves. It is also worth mentioning that Turck recommends flange connectors to customers according to the requirements of customers to lead from the inside (outside) of the panel and seal the outlet. It can be simply installed on the panel, so that the inside and outside of the panel are connected through plug-ins. When not in use, unscrew the plug-in and add the dust cover, which also reaches the protection grade of IP67

turck connector brings convenience to customers

for machine tool equipment, PLC, bus and sensor constitute the brain and senses of the machine tool, so there is no doubt that the connector system is the meridians of the machine tool. The solution provided by Turck upgrades the traditional wiring mode to the industrial connector connection mode. The high reliability, durability, easy assembly and maintenance of its prefabricated connectors and junction boxes have improved the overall quality of users' products, bringing value to the output of Dalian hausen box board and corrugated paper of about 48.62 million tons. Turck connector system has the following advantages:

it is suitable for the transmission and communication of various signals:

· potentiometer, analog current or voltage signal, discrete signal, multiple signal mixing and other different types of communication signals

The light sources used in the experiment are very common

· various sensors (pressure, temperature, flow, position sensor, monitor, etc.) can be connected to the junction box through connectors, and the data is transmitted to the data acquisition device by a cable

advantages of simplified equipment wiring:

· plug and play wiring mode, and different lengths of connector cables can be customized

· reduce wiring time and wiring difficulty, so as to reduce costs

· solve the problem of wiring in a narrow position inside the equipment, or it is difficult to maintain after wiring

turck connector system provides guarantee for the machine tool industry:

· the plug-in interface has IP67 protection grade, which is firmly sealed and can adapt to the environment of oil and dust without affecting communication

· the plug of the plug-in is firm and durable, ensuring long-term stable operation

· Turck cables need to pass the impact test to ensure the force bearing capacity. (end)

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