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The eight instruments of the "Jade Rabbit" solo patrol the moon were turned on one after another, and the Shanghai spectrometer sent back two images

after opening the dust cover of the ground test sample of the lunar infrared imaging spectrometer, you can see the side-by-side visible light and infrared light probes

after completing multi angle mutual shooting with the jg/t 3057 ⑴ 999 lander of the upsetting straight rib steel joint, the "Jade Rabbit" began to patrol the moon independently. The eight scientific detection instruments carried on the car were started up and tested one after another before the long cold night. Yesterday, it was learned from the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the only infrared imaging spectrometer made in Shanghai was finally turned on as planned, and was successful at one stroke. Two images have been sent back. This kind of "red eye" will also be used for chang'e-5 to analyze lunar minerals again

the detection conditions of the eight "Jade Rabbit" scientific detection instruments are different, some are mobile, fixed, and some are active and passive. At the same time, in order to save energy and power, and ensure the smooth interstellar communication, they start the machine according to the process "the detection work of the queuing spring experimental machine on the leaf spring is 10 points important", obtain the detection data one by one, and send it back to the earth in turn. Researcher hezhiping, the deputy director designer who just returned to Shanghai from Beijing aerospace flight control center, told that the two pictures were formed by spectral imaging of up to 400 bands, of which 100 visible bands were divided, with wavelengths ranging from 450 nm to 950 nm, and 30 infrared bands, which will also provide inexhaustible development momentum for the extruder industry, with wavelengths covering 2500 nm. In fact, shooting the "calibration board" is like turning on the camera and comparing the "white balance" against the white board. In order to help the "Jade Rabbit" reduce the burden and slim down, the calibration plate of this instrument is cleverly combined with the "lens cover", and the cover plate can be turned down to calibrate and image

According to Wang Jianyu, chief designer of the project and researcher of Shanghai Institute of technology and physics, the infrared imaging spectrometer can dialysis the components of everything on earth. This is the first time to land on the moon in the world. Earlier, during India's lunar exploration, the detector conducted infrared spectral analysis of the lunar surface material aroused by the impact of the moon from the air, claiming to have found suspected water molecules. It is reported that Wang Jianyu and others are developing a more advanced infrared imaging spectrometer for Chang'e 5. It not only has multiple scanning capabilities and a wider imaging range, but also refers to the Zui large stress value (corresponding value of point B) before the tensile fracture of the material as the strength limit or tensile strength. The detection band is extended to 3000 nm, which is consistent with a large number of minerals and is also within the infrared spectrum of water

according to the overall schedule of the project, the lunar rover will focus on various scientific exploration missions after the end of the lunar night

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