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Janet network will build a second data center to realize data center sharing

after the slough data center successfully supports the sharing of multiple universities and research institutions, Janet network, the British academic network, is planning to realize data center sharing in the Northern University Alliance of the UK

the UK Joint Information Systems Commission (JISC), the founder of Janet network, has five main tenants in its data center, and recently issued a bidding document for the construction of a new shared data center to support the work of research institutions in northern Britain. Infinitysdc sold the slough shared data center to virtus last week

however, coincidentally, Janet suffered a distributed denial of service (DOS) attack when she was experiencing difficulties

until December 21, some potential suppliers can apply for their bidding. According to the report of industry media computer weekly, this bidding document has seven independent parts, including the bidding of various systems, servers and infrastructure

also plays a very important role in our experimental machine industry. The British Joint Information Systems Commission (JISC) hopes to build this data center by the end of June 2016. After it is opened and operated, its tenants' operation contract will initially be five years. If it takes ten years, the contract can also be extended around graphene in digital economy related fields such as sensors and touch screens. The tenants who want to rent include Liverpool University, Leeds University, Sheffield University, Sheffield Harlem University, and N8 cooperative research institutions

the Sloan data center has been open for operation for one year, and 14 tenants have settled in. These include three London Universities: University College London, King's College London, Queen Mary's College London, and Francis? Crick Institute and Huikang Sanger Institute. The contracted tenants also include Serry University, Brunel University and Liverpool City College, but it is speculated that when the second shared data center is opened, it will be moved to the second data center. Sloan shared data center currently has 130 racks with a power capacity of 1.5MW

at the same time, Janet network recently suffered a targeted distributed denial of service attack. According to a statement, this caused all Janet's customer network connections to be limited or even interrupted. Jane 2. Electronic universal testing machine selects crescent shaped samples: crescent shaped samples are cut in advance, and the export proportion of niterol to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. Various modules and filters are being used to reduce network interruption, but the attack is constantly changing, JISC. ac。 The UK station was shut down due to a targeted DDoS attack

we know the importance of connecting to universities, colleges and other public sector organizations. We are making every effort to resume normal service as soon as possible, while minimizing any interruptions that Janet users may encounter. Jimkid, the technical executive director of the Supervisory Commission, said

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