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[Jamaica bright walk] first day of dental arrival: implement the whole program to repair millions of instruments using layer control strategy, implement technology and other instruments

[Jamaica bright walk] first day of dental arrival: implement the whole program to repair millions of instruments

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original title: [Jamaica bright walk] first day of dental arrival: implement the whole program to repair millions of instruments

in the early morning of March 27, Jamaica local time, The medical team of China's "bright walk" project, composed of 9 experts from Beijing Friendship Hospital, crossed the ocean and arrived in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, after more than 30 hours of flight. Under the reception of officials of the Chinese Embassy in Jamaica, the medical team settled down in the hotel at about 1 a.m. At 8 o'clock in the morning, the medical team of "Guangming Xing" project had no time to take into account the tiredness of the journey and went to work nonstop

the medical team met with the president of Kingston Public Hospital, vice president in charge of medical treatment, director of the nursing department, Secretary Yao, an official of the Chinese Embassy in Jamaica, and Ms. Jiang duo, an official of the business office, at Kingston Public Hospital on the "bright walk" project. Although the work arrangement is very tight, all members of the medical team are still highly focused, and the overall process is smooth and efficient. On behalf of the medical team, Wang Yanling, director of Ophthalmology of Beijing Friendship Hospital, said that while completing cataract surgery, she hoped to help dental medical staff improve their professional skills and work for the sustainable development of "Guangxing" through this activity

according to reports, Kingston Public Hospital is not only the largest local public hospital in Jamaica, but also the largest public hospital in English speaking countries in the Caribbean. The patients admitted by the hospital cover the entire Caribbean region. Ophthalmology is one of the most important and busiest departments in Kingston Public Hospital. The leaders and doctors of the dental side expressed their sincere thanks for the visit and help of the "bright walk" medical team, and expressed their full support and cooperation

after the half-hour meeting, members of the dental side led the "Guangming Xing" medical team to inspect the ophthalmic outpatient department, ophthalmic ward and ophthalmic operating room. During the inspection, the Chinese medicine treatment team learned about the consultation process, the use of instruments, the technical level of medical staff, as well as the specific instruments and technical needs of the ophthalmic clinic in detail. After the inspection, the medical team and the doctors and nurses of Kingston hospital came to the conference room for further communication and discussion. After reviewing the past medical cases in detail, Huang Yingxiang and Wang Kang, the chief physicians of the medical team, jointly discussed with the leaders of the dental hospital and determined the whole process of patient screening and specific surgical operations on April 23-26, 2014

it is worth mentioning that during the inspection of hospital equipment that afternoon, how to deal with the abnormal conditions encountered by ophthalmologist Chang Wang electronic tensile testing machine in use? Now let's make a brief introduction: Wei noticed that a device worth more than 1.5 million yuan was idle in the corner of the outpatient department in the hospital. Out of professional habits, Wang Wei asked the outpatient doctor about the specific causes of the instrument failure and offered to help repair it. In less than half an hour, this instrument was restored to its function under the professional repair of Wang Wei and can be put into use again. The medical staff present in Jamaica expressed their gratitude, and the hospital leaders repeatedly praised it

in order to ensure that the follow-up surgery can be carried out accurately and efficiently, the members of the medical team and the head nurse of the operating room once again had a specific communication on the placement of instruments and equipment, the use of the operating room, the list and correspondence of specific surgical cooperation personnel to meet the hardness and rigidity requirements of the substrate during the edging process of the folding machine with air duct, the responsibility of the equipment disinfection process, and the supply of disinfection water

on the first day of dental arrival, with the unremitting efforts of all members of the medical team, various preparations for the operation have been arranged. In just one day, the "bright walk" project has shown great vitality and charisma. In the next month, the medical team will win the trust of the Jamaican people with high professionalism and the spirit of doctors without borders, establish the beautiful image of China's "bright walk", and make the friendship between China and Jamaica shine


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