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The price of refined oil or the price of gasoline will be reduced by 9 cents per liter in the face of three consecutive falls

the price of refined oil or the price of gasoline will be reduced by 9 cents per liter in the face of three consecutive falls

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following the "two consecutive falls" in oil prices, the time window for price adjustment of domestic refined oil will open at 24:00 on December 1. Judging from the recent trend of international oil prices, research institutions in the industry generally believe that the domestic oil prices may be lowered again to achieve "three consecutive falls"

recently, the international oil market is facing a complex environment. Geopolitical tension and Saudi Arabia's hint of production reduction have temporarily stimulated international oil prices, and Brent oil prices have risen for six consecutive days. However, various signals from the U.S. market have played a "drag" role in the oil market. On November 27, the international oil price fell sharply again, among which the price of crude oil futures in New York fell by more than 3%

3. Hydraulic oil for universal testing machine: it is necessary to frequently check the oil level in the oil tank and replenish the oil in time: according to the data released by the US energy information administration on the 25th, the US crude oil inventory has risen for nine consecutive weeks, from 454million barrels to 488million barrels, and the current inventory level is more than 100million barrels higher than the same period last year. This shows that the pressure of oversupply of crude oil is still increasing

in addition, people from all walks of life have clear expectations for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. The US dollar index continues to maintain a high level, putting pressure on international oil prices and other commodities denominated in US dollars

Lian Ping, chief economist of Bank of communications, judged that the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve is turning as the signs of positive domestic economy in the United States become clear. It is expected that the Federal Reserve will start raising interest rates at the end of this year or early next year

in the opinion of experts, although the current geopolitical tension is heating up again, the pattern of global crude oil oversupply will fundamentally restrict the rising space of oil prices

Alejandro babahosa, vice president of crude oil and liquefied petroleum gas in the Middle East Asia Pacific region, an international research institution, said that in order to seize the market, Saudi Arabia's crude oil production exceeded 10 million barrels a day, and Iraq's production was also increasing. In addition, oil production in Russia, Oman, Brazil and other countries has reached a peak in the history of innovation chain supplement. With the gradual lifting of sanctions on Iranian crude oil, the daily output of Iranian crude oil may increase by 1million barrels in 2016. Therefore, it is expected that the oversupply in the global crude oil market will continue

in addition, the market pays close attention to the OPEC ministerial meeting to be held in Vienna on December 4. OPEC's crude oil output accounts for about one third of the world oil market

alejandrobabahosa judged that OPEC may reduce its production capacity slightly at the end of December this year or next January. Therefore, it is expected that the international oil price may rise to $60 a barrel in the middle of next year

as for the price adjustment of domestic product oil, although the international environment is complex and changeable recently, the change rate of the package crude oil price referred to in the domestic price adjustment has been in a negative operation, reaching the lower limit, that is, the automatic light prompt state. According to the data released by the oil price system of Xinhua News Agency on November 27, the average price change rate of a package of crude oil on November 26 was - 5.15%. At 24:00 on November 3 and 24:00 on November 17, China's refined oil prices fell twice. At 24:00 on December 1, the time window for price adjustment of domestic refined oil will open again

yangdan, an analyst in the refined oil industry, believes that according to the recent international oil price operation, the material is both solid and flexible. At 24:00 on December 1, the domestic oil price is expected to decline for the twelfth time in the year, with an expected decline of 130 yuan per ton. It is estimated that the retail price of No. 90 gasoline and No. 0 diesel (national average) fell by 0.09 yuan and 0.11 yuan per liter respectively

analyst libaohua believes that up to now, the change rate of crude oil in this round has fallen deeply, and it is expected that the probability of "three consecutive falls" of domestic oil price in the later period is large, and the oil price may be reduced by more than 100 yuan per ton

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