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New glass self-cleaning paint developed in the United States

new glass self-cleaning paint developed in the United States

July 25, 2007

[China paint information] American materials engineers invented a new paint, so that the total flow into the load is greater than the flow of the pump, which can make glasses, windshield and sunglasses have the function of self-cleaning fog

this coating, developed by Jeffrey 1youngblood, a professor assistant at Purdue University, and John howarter, a graduate student, avoids the formation of fog by preventing water from forming gas outside the glass surface

the coating is composed of a single molecule thickness coating called "polyethylene glycol", and each molecule is wrapped by a Teflon "functional group" composed of fluorine. Youngblood explained that when water molecules pass through the Teflon coating, they block large volumes of oil molecules like a fence, and water is immediately adsorbed on polyethylene glycol adjacent to the glass surface. "Therefore, it hates oil but not water. This is very important, because oil usually sticks to the surface with water, which we call hydrophilicity. However, we now have a technology with an experimental machine that can stand the test for a long time. There are hydrophilic and non lipophilic substances."

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