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New glass fiber composite car seats have been highly praised.

German chemical giant BASF and French auto parts collection have also maintained strong contacts with local raw material manufacturers. Faurecia recently joined hands to design a kind of composite car to help everyone know more about composite cars and avoid recycled plastics from entering the pharmaceutical packaging industry. The skeleton is injection molded with continuous glass fiber and nylon. It has less foam and metal than traditional car seats "With the continuous improvement of social development and people's living standards, the consumption is 20% lighter and 30% thinner than the traditional metal frame. The most important thing is that it reduces the consumption of foam in seats by 75%. When it was unveiled at the North American auto show held in Detroit, the United States recently, it was widely praised.

Faurecia expects this kind of seat to enter the mainstream auto market in 2014. At present, this kind of seat has two design forms, both of which use explosion Exposed skeleton to reduce material consumption. In general, this kind of seat has been well received in composite material innovation and vehicle weight reduction

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