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The new generation of robots independently developed by the University of science and technology of China have high performance and low cost "flexible claws"

according to the Jianghuai morning post, a machine claw can easily handle delicate tofu that can't be completely picked up with chopsticks. At the upcoming exhibition of scientific and technological innovation achievements in Anhui Province celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, the new generation of robot high-performance low-cost flexible grippers independently developed by the University of science and technology of China will bring unexpected live performances

grasp delicate tofu perfectly

in the laboratory of the University of science and technology of China, researchers place different objects such as glasses, small wooden blocks, paper, soft cakes, delicate tofu on the conveyor belt. After the flexible claws recognize them, they can easily and accurately grasp them from the conveyor belt, and then turn around and gently place them in the specified position. In the whole process, even the most vulnerable tofu pieces were not broken at all

during the experiment, we sometimes forget to eat breakfast, and remember to buy more fresh tofu and let it try. Chen Xiaoping, director of the Robotics Laboratory of the University of science and technology of China and professor of the school of computer science, said that now this flexible gripper can grasp objects of different shapes, sizes, materials and shapes. The volume is as small as ballpoint pen and paper, and as large as thermos bottle; The material includes rigid, flexible, fragile and smooth objects, which can be grabbed and operated easily

open up a new way to solve the bottleneck of end-user products with low performance and added value

home service robots need to grasp common items, including appliances with different shapes, sizes and surface characteristics, which can not be met by the existing mainstream grippers. Foreign research and development institutions have developed machines that look very much like human hands many years ago. Mechanical grippers can be used after connecting the ground wire. The price is as high as one million yuan, and the use effect is not ideal

this time, the University of science and technology of China broke through the traditional thinking in the research of flexible grippers, took the original tolerance as the guiding ideology, and made original innovations in the hardware composition, working principle and control principle of grippers, forming a new technology of combining rigidity and flexibility. This also opens up a new way to solve the bottleneck problem of end holders of service robots and intelligent manufacturing robots

it is expected that the cost after mass production will be less than 1000 yuan

traditional grippers have particularly high requirements for accurate control and accurate perception. Grasping a thing requires a lot of information through sensors, and the angle of each joint should be accurately calculated during operation, but this has limitations in cost and difficulty of operation. Chen Xiaoping introduced that tolerance is a technological innovation in principle, which makes the gripper not only do not need high-precision sensing requirements, but also realize the improvement of grasping performance in many aspects

robot grippers have three main technical indicators, namely, the ability to grasp objects of different shapes, sizes and materials; Easy to control performance, that is, whether the grasping operation is easy to control; China's tire industry faces low technical strength, low brand awareness and low market recognition; Lack of automation tool cost, that is, the total cost of grippers. Our self-developed flexible gripper has reached the international leading level in three indicators, especially the manufacturing cost has been greatly reduced, and the expected cost after mass production is less than 1000 yuan. Chen Xiaoping said

it is expected to take the lead in serving the nursing home in the next year.

in the next step, we will use this claw on Kejia, the familiar intelligent home service robot of the University of science and technology of China, which can improve Kejia's ability. According to Chen Xiaoping, it is expected that this claw will be applied to robots in the next year. First, it will enter the nursing home to help the elderly complete the delivery of goods such as taking clothes and medicine

Realize the automatic collection and processing of experimental data

in addition to this kind of family service work, this gripper will also be applied in intelligent manufacturing, industrial services, commercial logistics and other fields, such as furniture assembly, food inflatable packaging bag picking, etc., which can be completed in the future. With good performance and low cost, it has a very good application prospect

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