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The new generation of nexus IOT intelligent material supply system was unveiled at the 2019 wire and cable industry conference

the new generation of nexus IOT intelligent material supply system was unveiled at the 2019 wire and cable industry conference

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in order to accelerate the progress of Guangdong cable industry towards intelligent manufacturing and improve the comprehensive strength of enterprises, recently, The "2019 Guangdong wire and cable industry conference" jointly sponsored by Guangdong wire and cable industry association and Dongguan wire and cable industry association was held in Dongguan, which is also an influential event for the wire and cable industry in the Pearl River Delta. On the scene of the conference, more than 300 guests, leaders and peers from the cable industry gathered together to share and exchange new trends in the industry. As a vice president unit and co organizer of the conference, Dongguan niagars Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. sent a delegation to attend the conference. Tangyaqing, general manager of the company and expert of the special committee, was also invited to the stage to deliver a keynote speech on "intelligent efficiency/manufacturing upgrading"

(tangyaqing, general manager of niagars, spoke on the stage)

as we all know, China has become the world's largest manufacturing country, but the profitability of domestic manufacturing enterprises is far inferior to that of developed countries in Europe and the United States. Especially in recent years, with the continuous rise of labor and production costs, the profit space of traditional manufacturing industry has been compressed, "the profit has been thinner than the blade", and the cable industry is no exception. The cost of raw materials such as copper and plastic often determines the profit status of enterprises

then, how should manufacturing enterprises, including cable enterprises, improve their profit margins and achieve upward breakthrough? Tang Yaqing's suggestion is that manufacturing enterprises must transform from extensive production to intelligent manufacturing, improve material supply efficiency, reduce various consumption, strengthen cost control in the production process, and realize cost reduction and efficiency increase. Only in this way can they "break the cocoon and be reborn"

this requires enterprises to convert each process node of raw material management into information and realize the digitalization of production process, so as to reduce redundant links and human errors in production and achieve a comprehensive and * control effect. As a leading equipment and system supplier in the global plastic industry, the new generation IOT intelligent feeding system solution launched by niagars provides an excellent path for enterprises to achieve the above goals. According to reports, the program will skillfully combine automation and informatization to help enterprises build unparalleled competitiveness from multiple levels

first, the process flow is improved. The new generation of nexus IOT intelligent feeding system (details consultation) adopts microcomputer centralized automatic control, which can realize data-based centralized feeding and control according to the distribution of on-site machines and the use of on-site raw materials, combined with auxiliary equipment; In addition, the system solution of unmanned and uninterrupted production in the whole plant, combined with the special functions of each machine in the system, can fully realize the special requirements of raw materials such as dehumidification, drying, transportation, metering, mixing, proportioning, etc. the weighing accuracy of raw materials can reach 0.3%, which helps enterprises realize the customization, simplification and standardization of formula technology, which can not only improve the yield, but also save energy and reduce production costs

secondly, human errors are eliminated. The new generation of nexus IOT intelligent material supply system has opened up the functions of production raw material data, formula data, error prevention and stupidity prevention, data tracing, and can restore and trace production information in the whole process; At the same time, it also adds the QR code scanning process, which can effectively reduce the phenomenon of wrong feeding in the production process of workers' fatigue, so as to ensure that human errors are reduced to low, or even zero

creating a new production management model has been favored by people. The core of IOT is to realize digitalization, which is the foundation of realizing industry 4.0 and "made in China 2025". By using IOT technology to digitize the production process, the new generation of nexus IOT intelligent material supply system has opened up the whole ecological chain, and will eventually create a new production management model integrating intelligent production, remote management, real-time management and intelligent management, bringing new ideas, insights and scientific and technological information, which can not only help enterprises optimize production processes and implement production quality management in the long run, It also realizes the win-win situation of production quality and cost control

at present, IOT has become a powerful tool to help the manufacturing industry turn around and become a butterfly. In line with the changes of the times, niagars took the lead in applying IOT technology to the central material supply system in the industry, enabling China's traditional manufacturing to leap forward to intelligent factories, which will undoubtedly help China's manufacturing enterprises to make higher quality products at a lower cost, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and improve the profit space and profitability of enterprises in the process of cost control

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