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Hewlett Packard's new generation of fight leads the humanization wave of desktop printing

recently, IDC, a U.S. market research company, released a report that in 2011, the global shipments of smart devices such as PCs, multimedia tablets and smartphones exceeded 916 million, which is equivalent to adding a new smart mobile device to every six people in the world in the past year. In fact, not only mobile terminals, but also consumers and enterprises are actively embracing all kinds of smart devices. Smart TV, smart car, smart kitchen, ultrabook and other smart products have quietly entered people's lives. Experience oriented, easy-to-use, smart and energy-saving smart products have become star protagonists in various industries

in the field of office printing, there is no lack of such intelligent leaders. HP's recently launched HP LaserJet Pro p1106 and HP LaserJet Pro p1108 black-and-white laser printers have also become new favorites in desktop printing devices. As an upgraded product of Kingdee HP LaserJet p1007 and P1008 with cumulative sales of more than 3 million in the domestic market, p1106 and p1108 continue the advantages of superior quality, small and light weight of their predecessors, and also newly introduce HP's intelligent printing technology. With a more convenient, efficient and energy-saving printing method, they refresh users' understanding of traditional desktop printing devices and lead the humanization wave of desktop printing

smart drive alone

throughout the current hot consumer electronics products, smart, ultrabooks, and smart TVs, without exception, are constantly promoting new products with more convenient operation, simple and exquisite appearance, and excellent user experience, so as to convince users and win the market. The development of innovative technology is gradually changing from people controlling equipment to equipment serving people and helping people deal with it

such innovation also happens quietly in our daily office. In the past, when installing printer drivers, people used to look for the driver installation CD first, especially when encountering such situations as reinstallation of computer system or replacement of computer, the driver CD and driver are nowhere to be found at the moment, and there are no helpers around, it is really troublesome to solve the problem of driver installation. Now the printer driver installation can be completed without relying on CD. HP's original smart driver technology can greatly simplify the installation of the print driver by building the print driver into the printer device. Users only need to connect the USB cable directly to the computer (1), and then they can easily complete the driver installation according to the prompt. The installation can be completed in two minutes and printing can be started. Plug and play is very convenient. Users don't have to try to help it administrators, look for CDs everywhere, search and download drivers, etc. their performance is between two kinds of phenolic foam: heated foaming and normal temperature foaming. They only need a common USB data cable to install the driver

it is worth mentioning that this gratifying technology has been pulled down from medium and high-end printer products to desktop printer. The biggest highlight of HP LaserJet Pro p1106 and HP LaserJet Pro p1108 recently launched by HP is the standard smart printing technology, which enables si more individual users to enjoy the convenient and easy printing experience brought by wisdom when printing on the desktop. In addition, with the popularity and popularity of ultra-thin books, ultrabooks and tablet computers in recent years, CD-ROM drive is no longer the standard configuration of PC, and the demand for simplified installation of print drive is more prominent. Imagine that when there are visitors and a laptop computer in front of your desk in urgent need of printing, the data cable can be connected to p1106/p1108 and the computer to install the driver and print. Without CD-ROM, network and it administrator, a p1106 p1108 can play a unique role for office workers in the era of no CD-ROM drive

seize the first opportunity in Jishou

technology is always persistent in the pursuit of speed, especially in the current life of high-speed economic development, time means opportunity. More and more new notebooks and flat panel TVs realize optimal design through tire drainage performance analysis, rolling resistance performance analysis, noise performance analysis, tire contour parameterization generation, tire automatic 3D modeling, tire pitch automatic arrangement, etc. the brain has the function of starting up at a high speed. Although it only increases the speed for more than ten seconds, many people are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of yuan for this. Moreover, users' demand for speed improvement is no longer on the surface of numerical value. It has jointly changed the supply and demand pattern of the world oil market from the two aspects of supply and demand, but hopes that technology can save time for themselves in key links

if you can improve efficiency in key links in office printing, you can win the first opportunity for work. For example, in a meeting, when a customer temporarily requests to print a few pages of documents, less than half a minute of waiting can save more people's time, and also add an impression of efficiency to themselves and the team. In fact, for individual users who mainly print sporadically, the output speed of the home page is more important than the continuous output speed of the printer. HP's zero second preheating technology provides a solution for the breakthrough of printing home page output speed. The HP LaserJet Pro p1106 and p1108 equipped with this technology can instantly complete the heating of the printing components, reducing the waiting time for users to get the first page of the document from the usual 40 seconds to about 8.5 seconds, greatly improving the output efficiency of the document and making the document output faster on the first page. Moreover, the continuous speed of p1106 and p1108 has also been increased to 18ppm on the basis of the predecessor products, making desktop printing faster and more efficient from the start to the sprint

human design, intelligent energy conservation

with the increasing tension of global energy and the aggravation of environmental degradation, green environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction have also become a hot topic at present. Technologies and products in the fields of electric vehicles, energy-saving kitchens, and zero consumption lights also conform to this trend and continue to innovate

laserjet Pro p1106 and HP LaserJet Pro p1108 also act as energy-saving leaders in the daily office environment. The automatic on-off technology configured by p1106 and p1108 can automatically cut off the power supply when the printer is not working and enter the deep sleep mode. The energy consumption is only 0.6W, which saves about 50% of the electric energy compared with the ordinary sleep mode; Once the user needs to print, p1106 and p1108 can be instantly awakened and automatically turned on. With zero second preheating technology, users can get the printed document in 10 seconds. This kind of active energy-saving printing method does not require people to change their original use habits, realize printing energy conservation unconsciously, and imperceptibly help users establish the awareness of energy conservation and saving

in addition, HP LaserJet Pro p1106 and p1108 are also equipped with newly improved noise reduction technology to create a quiet and comfortable desktop office environment for users. Moreover, the appearance of the two products is fashionable and small, which does not occupy space. There are two colors of gray and silver black, which are cutting-edge and fashionable. Putting them on the table can set off a personalized business temperament. The parameters and functions of p1106 and p1108 are basically the same. In addition to the appearance, they are also distinguished from random consumables to meet the purchase needs of different users. The price of nearly 1000 yuan is very cost-effective, and the 1500 page full toner cartridge delivered randomly by p1108 also brings more value-added feelings to users who use it for the first time

HP LaserJet Pro p1106 and LaserJet Pro p1108, which have introduced smart genes, run the people-oriented concept through the whole product design. They are not willing to increase the speed only by traditional parameters, but also pay more attention to the users, improve the printing efficiency from the key details, and help users practice environmental protection in the way of active energy saving. P1106 and p1108 really bring the printing experience of high efficiency, convenience, humanization and low energy consumption to the user's desk, setting a benchmark for the future humanized and green printing fashion

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