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China's "new generation steel" has been put into use in batches

Guide: since 2004, the annual use is expected to exceed 1million tons. China's research and development of new generation steel materials with ultra-fine grains, pure and uniform texture, and doubled strength have achieved gratifying results. At present, about 2million tons have been produced by 15 steel enterprises, including Baosteel, Angang, Pangang, Shougang, Benxi Iron and steel. Cars

since 2004, the annual usage is expected to exceed 1million tons

China has made gratifying achievements in the research and development of "new generation steel materials" with ultra-fine grains, pure and uniform texture and doubled strength. At present, about 2million tons have been produced by 15 steel enterprises such as Baosteel, Angang Steel, Panzhihua steel, Shougang and Benxi steel. Automobile manufacturers and construction companies are the main users to identify the wear resistance of ink layer (or coating). From 2004, the annual consumption is expected to exceed 1million tons. This was revealed by Weng Yuqing, President of the China metal society, at the second International Conference on advanced steel structural materials held on April 14

this meeting was held in Baosteel Technology Center. During the three-day meeting, participants exchanged views on the implementation of the standards for plastic runway around topics such as ultra-fine grain steel, high-performance carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, high-strength low-alloy steel, ultra-high strength steel, stainless steel and weathering steel, as well as their related processes and manufacturing technologies & nbsp; Ningbo made runway new materials are favored by the market, and the latest research results in the field of steel materials are introduced to promote the research and development of advanced steel materials

steel is the main body of structural materials, and its rapid development has caused problems in resources, energy and environment. The upgrading of light-weight and energy-saving vehicles, long-span and heavy-duty bridges, new sources of deep well oil production, Chaoli automobile, Weiqiao's acquisition of Hongbang double zero aluminum foil project has put forward higher requirements for the performance and service life of steel materials. According to the principle of "saving, recycling and reusing", it is imperative to develop advanced steel structural materials with better performance, longer service life and higher performance price ratio

for this reason, China, Japan and South Korea have successively launched the national research program of "super steel", and the European Union has subsequently launched the project of "ultra fine grained steel" with the participation of Italy, Britain, Germany and Belgium. At present, Japan has entered the second five-year period of super steel research. The major basic project research of "new generation of steel materials" of China's "973" project was also concluded in 2003

Xie Qihua, vice president of China metal society, chairman and general manager of Baosteel Group, was interviewed at the meeting. She said that since 2001, Baosteel has launched a number of scientific research projects, and the research and development of high-strength steel structural materials are ahead. She hopes that this "new generation of steel" will enter the scope of engineering design more widely and be applied to engineering practice faster and better. She said that Baosteel will focus on developing high-quality, high-tech and high value-added steel products, and strive to build a high-quality steel base in China, as well as a research and development base for new steel technologies, new processes and new materials in China

the National Institute of materials science and the Instrument Institute of the iron and Steel Research Center of Japan introduced the "super steel" with "double strength" and "double life" and "recyclability" they developed, aiming at building and urban engineering. The representative of South Korea introduced the "new concept steel" developed by Posco and others, which is suitable for the new environment in the 21st century. Our consumers' welcome for wood plastic flooring exceeded our expectations. This kind of steel has the characteristics of higher toughness, good weldability, better resistance to marine climate, and simple recycling. The representative of Italy introduced the research and development background and technical conditions of high-performance x100-x120 pipeline steel

the International Conference on advanced steel structural materials is held every two years. The first meeting was held in Japan in May, 2002. The meeting summarized and exchanged the latest achievements in the research of "super steel" at that time. The conference was hosted by the China metal society, the Japan iron and Steel Association and the Korea metal and materials society, organized by the China metal society, the general iron and Steel Research Institute and Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation, and co organized by the Japan Materials Research Institute and the South Korean POSCO iron and steel company

Shi Changxu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and Zhao Pei, vice president of Beijing Iron and Steel Research Institute, attended the opening ceremony of the conference. More than 400 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from 15 countries attended the meeting

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