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The new generation of video integrated command and scheduling solutions help the transportation industry. Ctiforum July 9 news (Yang Yi): in order to strengthen the management and monitoring of the scene, public places, key places, etc., improve work efficiency, better maintain the ability to carry out destructive detection of public security order, for emergency command and collaborative scheduling after emergencies, Xinglan technology adopts creative patented technology, On the basis of advanced network video conference and network video monitoring technology and products, the company took the lead in launching a new generation of video integrated command and scheduling solution in the industry

system function:

(1) integrated services provides a system that can provide 720p/1080p high-definition conference frequency conference and D1 standard definition video conference. Due to the elastic element surface pasted with strain gauge, desktop software video conference, IP conference, video and hybrid conference, video conference and monitoring integration, conference recording, surveillance video and other services, it can meet the needs of point-to-point and multi-point communication that various video and audio points are fished out after one hour, Meet the emergency command and scheduling needs of video conference and monitoring integration, and can participate in meetings and command and scheduling anytime and anywhere through fixed networks, mobile networks, interconnection, local areas

(2) good group capability

the system can realize good interconnection with other systems based on international standards in the industry. The terminal has the industry's first 8-channel video input and group discussion. The spring on the power piston is broken or the elastic force is too small, so as to realize the functions of in meeting and group meeting

(3) perfect conference function

the system supports perfect conference function and can be mixed with video conference system

(4) perfect video conference function

the system supports 1080p HD video and 48Khz HD audio, and supports various types of terminal access such as HD terminal, SD terminal, software terminal, etc. The system supports rate and protocol adaptation functions, and supports mixed access of terminals with different rates and protocols. The system supports perfect multi screen functions, and supports 22 multi screen modes, such as 2/3/4/6/8/9/10/13/16. The system has the industry's original asymmetric video conference mode. When realizing the mixed conference of HD and SD terminals, the SD terminal can receive the HD image of the HD terminal for HD decoding output. In this way, the HD group is realized with the investment of SD without adding additional cost, and you can create a cost-effective video conference system

(5) perfect conference recording and broadcasting function

has perfect recording and broadcasting function, built-in recording and broadcasting service, and supports recording and storage, conference live broadcast and post Conference on demand. When recording, you can not only record the main stream, but also record the auxiliary stream at the same time, and automatically splice and play. The system has the function of video format conversion, which can be converted into a general video format in real time for storage and live broadcast, and the recorded files can be played with a standard player. Built in web server, direct browser login on-demand, no need to install additional plug-ins, can be directly played by the player embedded in the page

(6) perfect video conference and video monitoring integration function

mcu supports direct access to IP surveillance cameras, DVS, DVR and other monitoring front-end devices, supports conference broadcasting, multi picture combination, two-way voice communication and camera control of monitored images, realizes the perfect integration of video conference and video monitoring, and creates the best video Conference and video monitoring integration solution in the industry

(7) provide a variety of serial terminals

the system provides serial devices and software such as integrated monitoring conference terminals, high-definition conference terminals, standard definition conference terminals, software terminals, iPad mobile tablet device terminals, etc., so as to realize a diversified group of high-definition, standard definition, hardware and software to meet your various group needs

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