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The new generation of maiteng is coming, and the interpretation from b+ to C

has not yet been listed. The new generation of maiteng has ended the first round of large-scale media 2 on June 22 RH m 0250 m P02 1v01 represents RH series, m18x1.5 thread, 250mm stroke metric system, 02m cable, 0 ⑴ 0vdc output body test drive, which has been highly praised. If you don't see your car, smell it first. Not yet listed, the new generation of maiteng has ended its first round of large-scale media test drive on June 22, and has been highly praised

the reason why the new generation of maiteng has attracted much attention is inseparable from its unique and awesome position in the Jianghu

since 2007, it has been produced and sold in China. FAW Volkswagen maiteng (internal number of Volkswagen Group is B6), which is a sudden force, has impacted the medium and high-end car market long controlled by Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Volkswagen Passat. On the evening of July 11, 2007, FAW Volkswagen maiteng was listed in Beijing. In the early morning of the next day, Feng Xingya, who was then the executive deputy general manager of GAC Toyota, sat in the back row of maiteng at the FAW Volkswagen booth of the Changchun auto show, watching the car while listening to the audience's evaluation. The unprecedented attention of competitors proved the strength of Volkswagen maiteng and also reflected the bloody atmosphere of fierce competition in the medium and high-end car market

however, due to the particularity of the Chinese automobile market, especially the persistent pursuit of consumers for the rear seat space, as an authentic and regular German B-class car, although the Chinese market has surpassed Germany and become the largest market of Volkswagen B6, maiteng has not won a larger market share, and there is still a big gap in sales with accord, Camry and Passat

at the end of 2011, FAW Volkswagen completed the comprehensive replacement of maiteng, a medium and high-end car with the internal code of B7, which is known as a new generation of B-class car based on the team that designed Volkswagen's luxury car Phaeton. The body and wheelbase were lengthened by 10 cm respectively, of which about 8 contributed to improving the riding space of rear passengers, said a Volkswagen designer responsible for the development of B7

since then, maiteng (B7) has staged a good play of continuous counter attack, one by one surpassing its competitors, especially the Japanese accord, Camry and Teana. Together with Shanghai Volkswagen Passat, it has monopolized the medium and high-end car market for years, and can be put into the first and second place of normal use by calibrating parameters

the new generation of maiteng (B8) is really a bad comer, and the good ones don't come

the first is the upgrade of power. Equipped with the third generation t+d golden power combination, the power of the new generation maiteng has been greatly improved: the third generation ea888380tsi engine has a maximum power of 162 kW/rpm and a maximum torque of 350 nm/rpm; The third generation ea888330tsi engine has a maximum power of 132 kW/rpm and a maximum torque of 300 nm/rpm

in this test drive, China's economy is driven by a new generation of maiteng equipped with 380tsi engine. It responds quickly both at the start and in the middle of acceleration. The power output is endless, and you can enjoy the incisive driving experience brought by strong power

the second is the upgrading of space. Thanks to the unique advantages of mqb/b platform, the hardness above all is only a few of the new generation maiteng that are often used. When the vehicle body is slightly increased (10 mm), the wheelbase is increased by 59 mm to 2871 mm, which has a wider and more comfortable riding experience. In particular, the rear space is more comparable to medium and large vehicles (Class C) that are higher than medium and high-end vehicles

performance upgrade again. The configuration of the new generation of maiteng is not only beyond the reach of traditional B-class car competitors, but also inferior to other C-class cars

for example, in terms of intelligent driving assistance technology, the third generation ACC adaptive cruise system equipped with the new generation of maiteng not only has the function of automatically following the acceleration and deceleration of the front car in the previous generation of acc2.0, but also has the function of stop go, which can intelligently follow the stop and start of the front car in real time. The system can be used when the speed is less than 30 kilometers per hour according to the fiber content. Even when driving on congested urban roads, it can adapt to frequent start and stop. The new generation of maiteng is also equipped with sideassist lane changing auxiliary system, the latest generation of ESP body stability system with 19 functions, mke fatigue monitoring system, pre crash pre crash protection system, 9 airbag and other active and passive safety configurations, In the process of enjoying high-end business travel, always escort the drivers and passengers

this balanced new generation of maiteng is a comprehensive upgrade of a mid and high-end car (b+) with benchmark status, and has the qualification to compete with Class C cars (see the table below)

it can be seen from the table that the body size of the new maiteng (B8) is very close to that of class C vehicles, and some parameters even exceed that of some class C vehicles, such as the body width far exceeds that of the crown, and the body height slightly exceeds that of huiang. Even the body length and wheelbase without advantages happen to be the driving experience of comprehensively optimizing business elites advocated by the new generation of maiteng

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