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The new glass coating makes the metal surface cool in the hot sun

the scorching sun is burning the metal slides and bleachers, making the temperature too high to be used. In order to resist the damage of blazing sunlight, researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the United States have developed a new environmentally friendly glass coating, which can reflect sunlight, keep buildings cool and make them more durable

inorganic glass coatings applied to metal surfaces

the research team introduced this achievement at the 250th National Conference and Expo held by the American Chemical Association (ACS) on the 16th

Dr. Jason from the Applied Physics Laboratory of the University said, "most of the coatings used in cars or houses are based on polymers, which will degrade under the ultraviolet rays of the sun, and there will be pulverization and yellowing after a period of time. In addition, polymers often release volatile organic compounds and harm the environment. Therefore, we want to change from traditional polymer coatings to inorganic glass coatings."

glass made of silicon is an ideal coating, which is durable and has appropriate optical properties. However, it is very fragile. In order to add this special layer to the new paint, Jason began to use silicon, one of the most abundant materials in the earth's crust. He improved potassium silicate, which is usually dissolved in water, and made this compound into a kind of silicate mixing and high-precision super performance special functional materials. A large number of contemporary latest technological achievements, including research achievements and global network technology promotion and utilization achievements, competed to come out "paint", which can play a waterproof role after being sprayed on the surface of the object and dried

unlike acrylic, polyurethane or epoxy coatings, this coating is almost completely inorganic and more durable than other coatings containing organic compounds. According to the design, it can expand and contract with the metal surface to prevent cracking. In addition, it has a prominent feature: it has the ability to reflect all sunlight and passive radiant heat, which can reduce the deformation and densification of teeth. Because it does not absorb sunlight, any surface coated with this paint will maintain temperature, or even slightly cooler, which is the key to its ability to resist sunlight and protect the building structure

in fact, researchers developed this new coating originally for naval ships, but found that it is used in commercial applications. What are the inspection rules of universal material testing machine? There are many potential uses for any instrument that has to undergo strict inspection before leaving the factory. Dr. Jason said, "you can paint this paint on your roof to keep the temperature and reduce the pressure of air conditioning in summer. It's not a small bill number, and you can also use it on metal slides or bleachers. And its price is affordable because the required raw materials make it rich and cheap."

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