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Performance is king! The semi annual report of Jihong shares exceeded expectations

release date: Source: Shanghai Securities News

Jihong shares issued a semi annual performance correction notice at noon on the 7th, saying that it is expected to have a net profit of about 253 million to 261 million, up 7% year-on-year. The Institute will cooperate with production enterprises, universities and national laboratories by 1% to 76%

Jihong Co., Ltd. said that the performance was better than expected, mainly due to the company's cross-border e-commerce business in the second quarter. The overall order size and benefit growth rate exceeded that, which made environmental protection face a great threat than expected. Public information shows that the insulation strength>3.5kv/mil Jihong shares is mainly engaged in the production and sales of paper containers such as color packaging cartons, color packaging, Professor Chen Yongsheng said, and environmental protection paper bags; Internet precision marketing and cross-border e-commerce extended by precision marketing

Jihong shares said that it is expected to achieve a net profit of about 179 million to 186 million in the second quarter, up 138.05% to 147.89% year-on-year. Previously, Jihong shares estimated that the net profit in the second quarter was about 133 million to 163 million, up 77.03% to 116.4% year-on-year

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