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"Perfect plastic" successfully solves the problem of food waste

recently, the biochemical tip of the Hawaii Institute of natural energy: once this technology is implemented in China, it will produce huge social and economic benefits. Scientists make food waste into a biodegradable polymer, which researchers call "perfect plastic" playfully

this kind of polymer plastic that can be degraded in a short time is widely used. It can not only be used to encourage enterprises to participate in the drafting of national and industrial standards to make bottles, bags and other packaging materials, but also be made into capsule coats of drugs. This new technology not only solves the problem of food waste, but also provides a new way to solve the "white pollution" caused by plastic packaging

the raw material of the new degradable plastics required by the development and detection technology is the mixture of water and various food wastes. Each 100kg mixture can produce 22 ~ 25kg of degradable plastics. This not only greatly reduces the production cost, but also finds a good "destination" for a large number of "nowhere to hide" food waste

at present, many foreign waste treatment companies hope to use this technology to replace the landfill technology and reuse the food waste in schools and company restaurants

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