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Performance continues to climb, new products are customized

-- Rockwell Automation 2007 media fellowship ∧ CMS machine control system press conference

on February 7, 2007, Rockwell Automation, the world's leading automation, control and information solution provider, held its annual media fellowship in Beijing. Xie Ruixin, director of market and business development of Rockwell Automation in Greater China, davidhegarty, director of integrated architecture market and business development in Asia Pacific, Li Zhongjie, manager of integrated architecture promotion, and other senior Rockwell Automation executives and nearly 60 media in Beijing attended the event

first of all, Mr. xieruixin, director of marketing and business development of Rockwell Automation in Greater China, reviewed the company's impressive performance in China over the past year, and expressed sincere thanks to the media friends for their long-term support for Rockwell Automation on behalf of the company. Mr. xieruixin said, "since 2005, the company has adopted 'listenthinksolve' ’Since this new global market positioning, the company's overall competitive advantage in China has been effectively improved, further bringing international quality products, innovative and mature technologies to China, a market with great potential and rapid development. Compared with 2005, the business of the company in China in fiscal year 2006 continued to maintain double-digit growth, which marks that Rockwell Automation, as a world-class industrial automation expert, plays an increasingly important role in the development process of China's industrial market. "

"looking forward to 2007, we are confident that we will continue to maintain the sustained growth momentum in recent years. We will continue to create higher value for end users, provide customers with personal solutions with the best automation technology and application experience, and promote China's modernization process."

at this media fraternity, Rockwell Automation also strongly launched a precise and flexible CMS machine control system for OEM manufacturers. Mr. davidhegarty, director of integrated architecture market and business development of Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific, said: "the advent of Rockwell Automation's revolutionary CMS machine control system is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) It provides some production advantages that have not been started from the process before. The open system solution with compactlogixtm as the core has made a breakthrough in shortening the time of product development and test run, and helped OEM partners comprehensively enhance the performance of the whole machine control system. " According to Mr. Li Zhongjie, the promotion manager of Rockwell Automation Integration Architecture: "CMS machine control system has many performances and characteristics, such as integrating a variety of control strategies, code reuse, simplifying programming, integrated transmission, finishing functions, significantly reducing debugging time, built-in i/o diagnosis, improving operation efficiency, a single network, and arbitrary operation at any time and anywhere. These advantages will create a more valuable competitive advantage for OEM original equipment manufacturers, and help customers eliminate the problems caused by highly competitive automation machines The factor of safety and stability is the lack of effective management at the production end of machinery industry. "

Rockwell Automation has been rooted in China for more than 20 years, and has always been the preferred supplier of automation products and solutions in the world and China. In 2007, Rockwell Automation will further expand its operation capacity in China and set up more operation institutions nationwide to better meet the needs of the local market. At the same time, Rockwell Automation will continue to cooperate with Chinese scientific research institutes to contribute to the development of automation in China. Langsheng high performance materials division is also investing in its global high-performance plastic production network, and will continue to strengthen product research and development, so as to better realize product localization. It is believed that through the joint efforts of Rockwell Automation, Chinese users and relevant peers, the development of automation in China will reach a new stage in the next few years

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