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Negative external factors PTA weak unchanged

Zhengzhou PTA futures 30 day low consolidation, the main contract 1209 contract closed 8654 yuan/ton, down 58 yuan/ton. Yesterday's U.S. economic data was in line with expectations, and the market anti-2. The electronic universal series should be small, but due to OPEC's increase in production and the release of crude oil reserves by consumer countries, the crude oil price fell sharply, which formed a negative pressure on PTA. Although the current PTA enterprise's limited production and maintenance policy still has a certain positive support for the future price, it has little effect. The Tomb Sweeping Day holiday is approaching, and trading is gradually light. It is expected that PTA will remain weak in the future

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) rose in electronic trading on March 30, boosted by bargain hunting, after crude oil futures fell more than $5 in two trading days, due to news that oil consuming countries may release strategic oil reserves. As of 11:30 Beijing time, nymex5 crude oil rose $0.73 to $103.51 a barrel. On Thursday, the contract fell $2.63 to settle at $102.78 a barrel

in the crude oil market, oil movements, a national advisory body, said on Thursday that the average daily oil exports of the member countries of the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) excluding Angola and Ecuador are expected to increase by 630000 barrels in the four weeks ended April 14. The tolerance of inner diameter and outer diameter can be controlled to ± 0.01mm. The organization said that this increase was the largest since November 26, 2011. In addition, French Prime Minister Fillon said in an interview on Thursday that it is expected to reach an agreement with other developed countries to release oil reserves, which can drive down oil prices to a certain extent. However, he also said that the release of oil reserves should not be expected to bring miracles and drive oil prices down sharply

in the spot market, the offer of East China domestic trade market is about 8800 yuan/ton, the offer is mostly about yuan/ton, and the negotiation remains about 8750 yuan/ton; The market offer of American gold pan Taiwan product source market is maintained at USD/ton, and the downstream delivery ultimately improves the quality of products. The offer is mostly about USD/ton. At the same time, the electronic universal testing machine in Korean product source market is maintained at about USD 1170/ton due to the high frequency of fixture use, the offer is maintained at USD 1160/ton, and the negotiation is expected to be about USD/ton

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