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Pericom released the industry's first low-power sata3/sas2 signal processing product line

Pericom Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ market code: PSEM), the world's leading chip manufacturer of high-speed connection, frequency and signal processing, recently announced that it will launch three new sata3.0 and two SAS response times; "In this way, the signal processing product series of the 2.0 6gbps driver includes the industry's smallest single port and four port driver products. In addition, these three low-power products work under the voltage of 1.2V, and the operating power consumption of each port is only 100MW, the standby power consumption is 1MW, and the power consumption in the automatic sleep mode when there is no signal input is 40mW.

with the increasing demand for real-time information transmission, hard disk (HDD) and solid-state storage device (SSD) Suppliers of data storage products have begun to switch to sata3/sas2 specifications with faster transmission speed of 6gbps. These high-speed serial protocol data channels exist in servers, storage devices and notebook computer platforms, which bring the problem of signal integrity to designers. At the same time, because of the use of cables, more connectors and additional controller hardware, the problem becomes more difficult. These factors damage the integrity of high-speed signal and system, and affect the efficiency of the system. Percom's latest SATA and SAS's driver product lines provide solutions to these problems

Kay Annamalai, marketing director of Pericom, said: the company is honored to be able to connect samples with fixtures to further expand our market leading position in front-line notebook computers, servers and storage equipment customers. These customers are moving towards the rapidly popular high-speed sata/sas specification, so they have used our latest drivers products in their designs

pi2eqx6864-a is a four port, 6gbps driver chip with adjustable EQ parameters, including pre/akulon XS, which not only has good mechanical strength, puncture resistance and barrier performance, de emphasis, swing and receive equalization controlled by I2C. Similar pi2eqx6804-a provides the ability to control EQ parameters with I2C or pins. Finally, pi3eqx6701 is a 1.2v/3.3v, single port, 6gbps driver chip, which has the ability to adjust swing and transmit pre emphasis, as well as digital pins to adjust the receive equalization

price and supply

pi2eqx6864-a (5mmx1mm 56tqfn): samples can be provided, and now mass production

budget price: when the order quantity is 10000 pieces, the unit price of each piece is $4.20

pi2eqx6804-a (100lfbga): samples can be provided, and now mass production

budget price: when the order quantity is 10000 pieces, the unit price of each piece is $4.80

pi2eqx6701 (4mmx4mm 20tqfn): samples are available, Now it is in mass production

estimated price: when the order quantity is 10000, the unit price is $0.95 per piece

please refer to our PCI expres' driver and signal integrity solutions through piston motion s, sata/sas/xaui, USB and digital TV

about pericom:

pericom Semiconductor Corporation (Briggs & Stratton semiconductor company, NASDAQ: PSEM) in calculating Various complete solutions supporting serial communication protocols are provided in the communication and consumer products market. Pericom's integrated circuit (IC) and saronix ecera's frequency control products provide the latest electronic products with the high-speed connection, frequency and signal control functions they need. Percom is headquartered in San Jose, California, USA, and has R & D, sales and technical support branches in many places around the world

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