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"Perfect trust" comes from Emerson CT

Emerson CT is a professional elevator solution product expert, and its CT business is all over the world. It specially designs drives, and its product performance is excellent and reliable. The financial crisis in 2009 brought many enterprises down, but for Emerson, it was a blessing in disguise: the overall business did not decline, but acquired some enterprises, which enhanced the strength of the group and was more conducive to providing more high-end and professional products and application solutions

at the Langfang International Elevator Exhibition in April 2010, although elevators from all walks of life were dazzling, Emerson's charm, professionalism, leadership and credibility could not be concealed

ct products are based on the principle of reducing production costs and improving production efficiency for customers. Together with lileisenma motor, they timely present highlights to the public. The best gearless elevator special driver unidrive es can be applied to the elevator system with gear and gearless traction machines. There are also leading vertical ladders, escalators, DC transformation ladders, gantry cranes and energy feedback solutions

Emerson CT in China

Chen Peidong (director of marketing and Application Department): since the establishment of Emerson company in 1890, from the initial motor to the automation, environmental optimization, network energy and other platforms involved now, the company has more than 60 branches in more than 150 countries, with 100000 employees. In China, Emerson CT (part of CT), headquartered in Shanghai and Shenzhen, has five drive centers in Northeast, north, East, central and South China. With years of advanced technology and experience in the field of automation, we provide customers with all-round system solutions from general-purpose to High-Performance AC and DC drives, servo motors, PLC and touch screen products. In 2009, China's output value was about US $2billion with excellent wear resistance, accounting for 10% of the world. These figures clearly show that its operation in the Chinese market is very good

exhibition of lileisenma motors in France

Bai Yuxin (Marketing Manager): in 1991, lileisenma motors in France officially settled in Emerson, and Fuzhou was selected as its production base in China. Leroy-Somer motors from France are listed as the preferred OEM supporting products in various high-precision automatic machine tools, high-end glass window automatic dimming devices, etc. In terms of elevators, we initially customized motor products for customers, and the most important one in the elevator industry is induction motor. Compared with PM traction machine widely used in the industry, it is a high-speed traction machine

Emerson's cutting-edge, the direction of China's elevator drive technology

Qi Bing (Business Development Department of marketing department in recent years): we have exhibited a number of reliable and efficient elevator drive products at this exhibition. For example, unidrive es, this elevator dedicated driver has built-in elevator control performance, providing passengers with the best comfort and safety; It can meet the market demand for the application of the continuously innovative permanent magnet synchronous gearless elevator system, and can also be applied to the elevator system with gear traction machine. Sk escalator drive products have unique automatic bypass control concept, etc

in response to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, Emerson CT provides a complete set of energy feedback solutions for the majority of elevator users based on its powerful drive products and unidrive SP as the platform, which can achieve perfect harmonic feedback electricity, and thd (total harmonic distortion) is less than 3%. This is a very high technology in the industry. The current development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that it has a low ability of independent innovation There are few standards for advanced and personalized special varieties, and its efficient power saving rate can greatly reduce users' operating costs. From the perspective of control scheme, Emerson CT provides elevator users with a leading control concept DCP (34) control scheme, which can realize the direct parking of the elevator without crawling process, and can be supplemented by superior vehicle interception performance, which can greatly improve the overall operation efficiency of the elevator. At present, this control scheme has become the company's new crowdfunding activity function on indiegogo, which is applied to 6m/s high-speed elevators

the future elevator industry will need more reliable, efficient and energy-saving products and solutions. The global crisis of energy shortage requires the cooperation and support of all walks of life around the world. Therefore, energy conservation is the main direction of the development of elevator driver technology in China

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