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The peripheral environment is short, PTA will operate weakly

Zhengzhou PTA futures was under pressure to callback on the 28th, and the main contract 1201 closed at 9516 points, down 192 points. PTA's annual sales revenue jumped to 5% yesterday, which fell sharply during the day, and the bull atmosphere was suppressed. The U.S. Congress has not reached a compromise on the debt ceiling, poor U.S. economic data, raw material costs and textile demand will be affected, and the wait-and-see sentiment in the downstream market will rise. At present, PTA is under pressure at the 9800 level, opening low and walking low, with 9400 first-line support in short-term backtesting. Crude oil rose slightly overnight, US cotton callback, and it is expected that the short-term PTA will be weak

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed slightly higher on the 28th, boosted by better than expected initial jobless claims data for the week of July 23, but concerns about the pending U.S. debt crisis dampened market sentiment. NYMEX light crude oil futures for September delivery rose 4 cents to close at $97.44 a barrel. Ice Brent crude oil should not mislead users. Futures closed down 7 cents to $117.36 a barrel

Asia PX fell $9 to USD/ton FOB South Korea, Europe was stable in USD/ton FOB Rotterdam, and the United States rose $70 to USD/ton FOB US Gulf. Intercontinental Exchange (ice) futures fell on the 28th, due to profit taking and investor selling to end the continuous rise in the past two days. Analysts said that market participants are still concerned about the unresolved debt crisis in the United States

spot price. The PTA spot market is flat, with an offer of about yuan/ton and sporadic offers of 9350 yuan/ton. Polyester factories wait and see more, and the market atmosphere is unusually light. Reference negotiations are carried out in the range of yuan/ton. The atmosphere of the outer market is quiet, and the trading activity is general. Most of the closed orders do not offer. I heard that the offer of Taiwan shipping and bonded goods is about $1230/ton, and the offer price of individual buyers is $1220/ton. The repeatability is high, and the negotiation transaction is $1/ton

in the downstream market, Zhejiang polyester showed a structural rise, some factories were in short supply, FDY rose by 100 yuan, while POY and DTY performed stably. Due to low inventory, the short-term polyester factory mentality remained good, but the production and sales situation fell slightly. Polyester production and sales in mainstream factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang fell moderately, with most of the factories becoming mature, a few of the higher energy plants barely flattening, and some of the lower ones becoming mature. The polyester Market in Jiangsu is mainly stable as a whole, and the price rise in the early stage is basically in place. The transaction situation is also slightly depressed due to the high price

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