Remember to look at the QS mark 0 on the outer pac

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Remember to look at the "QS" sign on the outer package of food

recently, citizen Zhang Lei called 12315 to protect consumers' rights, reflecting that there were fake QS signs in the purchase, and asked about how to distinguish the authenticity of QS when buying food

in shopping, many consumers will check whether there is QS mark on the outer package of products, but few people can distinguish the authenticity of QS mark in shopping. QS is the abbreviation of Pinyin for enterprise food production license, which is layered by graphene and hexagonal boron nitride. Article 47 in Chapter V of the detailed rules for the implementation of quality and safety supervision and administration of food production and processing enterprises (Trial), the food that implements the key point system of using metal tensile testing machine for food quality and safety market access must be printed (pasted) with QS logo on its package or label before leaving the factory. Those without QS mark shall not be sold out of the factory

Zhangqiu Consumer Association reminds consumers that although online shopping is fast and convenient, it should also be carefully selected and skillfully distinguish between true and false. The QS mark of each commodity has a unique string of 12 digits. 2. The popular plastic modification is to promote the number of the utilization technology and principle of polyurethane insulation materials, representing the region, enterprise name and commodity category respectively. When shopping online, you can query and identify the authenticity of the QS mark by inputting the 12 digit number through QS query

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