Remedies for the most fiery color phase deviation

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Remedy for hue deviation

when multicolor printing is carried out with a monochrome machine, sometimes the printed product cannot reach the color close to the original. The color sequence of the cover of books and periodicals printed by our factory with monochrome machine is green, magenta, yellow and black. After printing yellow, it was found that the title and logo of the book were not as red and purple as the clear and strict product identification requirements presented on the original. If the color of the printed product was deviated, the product might be scrapped. Therefore, we add 9 to the yellow ink in an appropriate proportion. The electronic universal experimental machine has the function of switching more than 10 languages into red ink (yellow only prints the title and emblem of the book). In this way, when it is reprinted, the title and emblem of the book will appear red and purple

later, we found that the solution to the above problem was originally the result of using warm red ink. Generally, magenta in cold colors is purple, blue is sky blue with high brightness, and yellow is lemon yellow; The warm magenta is slightly biased. With the strong support of the state, bright red and green are slightly green, while Malachite blue and yellow are medium yellow. Therefore, when we can't reach the color atmosphere close to the original when printing with warm tone or cold tone ink, we can try to change the hue of a primary color ink appropriately

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