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Internal combustion engine remanufacture increases "green" content

on January 12, the internal combustion engine remanufacture industry alliance held the first four council meetings in Beijing. This meeting is a working meeting to summarize the work of the internal combustion engine remanufacture Industry Alliance in 2015 and discuss and consider the "13th five year plan" for the development of internal combustion engine remanufacture

"two oriented society 5678"

in 2015, the member units of the internal combustion engine remanufacture industry alliance have an annual production capacity of remanufacturing more than 150000 complete machines, 230000 superchargers, 2.3 million generators and starters, and more than 500000 water pumps, fuel pumps and oil pumps. Ge Hong, Deputy Secretary General of China internal combustion engine industry association, made a work report and introduced the relevant situation. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, under the guidance and support of national policies, the active promotion of China internal combustion engine industry association and the joint efforts of enterprises and scientific research institutes, internal combustion engine remanufacture, as an important part of the national development of green circular economy and a strategic emerging industry, its industrial scale, product market promotion Remarkable achievements have been made in the development and application of surface repair engineering technology and the improvement of social awareness of products

at present, the internal combustion engine remanufacture "needs to be done, has to be done, can be done, is worth doing, must be done" has become the industry consensus. The industry has preliminarily established the internal combustion engine remanufacture technology and equipment system with Chinese characteristics, focusing on the two core goals of "remanufacture product quality is not lower than that of prototype new products and maximizing the utilization rate of core parts", and the remanufacture technology and equipment, repair ability and quality level have been significantly improved, The construction of the standard system is gradually improved, the reverse logistics system is taking shape, and the industrial team is growing

At the meeting, gaoyunhu, director of the Department of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out that for the made in China 2025 and the 13th five year plan, green manufacturing saves energy and resources, improves efficiency, and reduces the impact on the environment, which is the development direction of all industrial enterprises, including internal combustion engines, whose price is within 0.08 ~ 0.13 yuan/unit. The Party Central Committee has pointed out the direction for economic transformation and upgrading. Green circular development is the main development direction of today's industrial reform, which has boosted confidence in the remanufacturing industry

He Guangyuan, former Minister of the Ministry of machinery industry, said that the internal combustion engine industry is really ahead of remanufacture and has a certain scale. He hoped that the internal combustion engine remanufacture would develop from the industrial chain and further expand to the remanufacture of powertrain on this basis

Xu Binshi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Professor of the Academy of Armored Forces Engineering and remanufacturing expert, said with great interest that there was a dogma in the remanufacturing industry, namely, "two oriented society 567", which refers to the remanufacturing industry with the ability to reduce costs by 50%, save energy by 60% and save materials by 70%. It is a typical industry in an environment-friendly and resource-saving society. Now we need to add an "8" to remanufacture, that is, the impact on the environment will be reduced by 80%. This slogan can be changed into "two oriented society 5678". Xu Binshi pointed out that people in the remanufacturing industry have suggested that the import tariff of panels should be increased to 8% ⑴ 2% the industry should not only consider economic benefits, but also environmental protection and energy conservation

"one belt one" development model is worthy of recognition

referring to the "13th five year plan" of the internal combustion engine remanufacture industry, Xing min, executive vice president and Secretary General of the China internal combustion engine industry association, said that the overall idea and guiding ideology are based on the task requirements put forward in "made in China 2025", the State Council's "opinions on strengthening energy conservation and emission reduction in the internal combustion engine industry" and the Ministry of industry and information technology's "internal combustion engine remanufacture promotion plan", As China's economic development enters the new normal, centering on the "13th five year plan" of the entire internal combustion engine industry, taking the promotion of independent innovation and development of the industry as the theme, energy conservation, emission reduction, quality improvement and efficiency increase as the goal, and promoting the industrialization of internal combustion engine remanufacture as the main direction, we should strengthen the improvement of innovation capacity, promote the construction of common technical service platforms, optimize the industrial structure, promote transformation and upgrading, and improve the economic benefits of enterprises

the development goal of the 13th five year plan for internal combustion engine remanufacture is to achieve large-scale industrial development. In its specific development goals, although it also stipulates the achievement goals of some production capacity and specific supporting products, the more important idea is still environmental protection, energy conservation and sustainable development under the framework of green manufacturing, It emphasizes the realization of the corresponding industrial development goals on the basis of the adjustment of industrial structure and product structure

China industry news noted that what has reference significance for domestic industries is that some developed countries have put forward specific indicators of green development for future related industries. Wen shunru, Secretary General of the green manufacturing industry innovation strategic alliance, introduced that green technology has become an important technical indicator to occupy the commanding heights abroad. For example, the heat treatment technology in the United States will reduce energy consumption by 80%, shorten the production cycle by 50%, reduce the production cost by 75%, increase the service life of the heat treatment furnace by 10 times, reduce the price of the heat treatment furnace by 50%, and realize zero emission in the heat treatment process at the same time. Japan has formulated the 2025 roadmap for the development of high-precision machining technology. From the perspective of green optimization of basic machining technology, minimization of energy resources, and the life cycle of the corresponding load should be slowly applied at a fixed speed during the whole life experiment, the development of green manufacturing technology is planned with a focus on the prediction of technology development

when it comes to the current situation of the internal combustion engine remanufacturing industry, Ge Hong specially emphasized, Vikas Vij, general manager of PolyOne India, added: "India is still a growth region for manufacturers and customers. Through the joint efforts of the whole industry, the internal combustion engine remanufacture industry has formed a development model with industrial characteristics, realizing one enterprise belt (one leading enterprise drives one small industry), one industry belt (one industry drives one industry), one technology belt (one technology drives one product) and one demonstration belt (one demonstration project drives one Industrial Park), which has accumulated experience for the development of China's remanufacturing industry

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