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During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, great achievements have been made in printing machine science and Technology (II)

II. The development of new and high technology

printing machinery has made great progress in the application of contemporary scientific and technological achievements, especially in the application of computers, microelectronics, lasers, optical cables and other applications

1. variable frequency speed regulation technology is widely used. According to the characteristics of speed adjustment of printing machinery, great progress has been made in the way of stepless speed regulation of printing machinery and equipment. In the past, DC speed regulation was used for large-scale equipment, electromagnetic motor (slip motor) speed regulation was used for small and medium-sized equipment, and commutator speed regulation or conical belt speed regulation was used for other equipment. Due to the development and industrialization of variable frequency speed regulation technology, now the main transmission system of printing machinery has adopted frequency converters to adjust the speed, simplifying the equipment structure and saving energy and steel. In recent years, some shafts that drive photoelectric encoders have changed the auxiliary functions of printing machinery and equipment, and variable-frequency adjustable speed motors have also been used to replace functional components such as magnetic particle brakes, magnetic particle clutches, and DC motors

2. Shaftless transmission technology (referring to independent drive technology) has been promoted in many enterprises. Shaftless transmission technology has been applied in web offset press products, and has entered the stage of wide application. Last year, the application of this advanced technology entered the trial production stage in China, starting a new round of transmission technology revolution. The servo AC motor, drive system and numerical control system involved in shaftless transmission technology are still not produced by domestic manufacturers. China mainly uses the products of Bosch Rexroth, baumiller and Lenz of Germany, and the application software combined with the printing machine is mostly solved by joint design. Shaftless transmission technology has been widely used in foreign countries to transform printing machinery and equipment. In addition to the above-mentioned enterprises providing technical support, other enterprises adopt the numerical control system of Siemens and Yaskawa of Japan (the numerical control system of FANUC of Japan has not yet entered the field of printing machinery), and the application software of printing machine is designed by the enterprise itself

the core of shaftless transmission technology is to directly drive the printing drum with servo motor, which eliminates the connection between the long shaft and gear box among multiple units, and greatly simplifies the structure. At the same time, under the control of the driver and controller, the tension control, registration, ink balance, water and ink leveling, ink color control can be easily solved, which reduces the time of auxiliary operation and saves printing auxiliary materials such as paper

3. New electrical components are widely used. New electrical components have been widely used, including stepper motors, encoders, programmable controllers, servo motors, touch screens, photocells, optical cables and so on. The application of these new electrical components not only replaces a large number of electrical components such as contactors and sensors, but also enables the printing machinery to have the functions of programming, fault diagnosis, position display and so on, improves the automation of the equipment, and reduces the electrical failure rate and the labor intensity of workers

4. The problems of corrosion resistance and wear resistance of printing plate cylinder, rubber cylinder, impression cylinder, water outlet roller and other parts are solved by using a variety of process methods. The main methods used are: hard chromium plating, chemical plating (amorphous plating), flame spraying, arc spraying, ion spraying, brush plating, vulcanization, etc. Solutions have also been found to the problems of electroplating blistering, corrosion and cracking that often occur in the use of water outlet rollers

5. There are already special enterprises and joint ventures in China to produce and manufacture some special parts. Such as: ceramic stick and on-line die-cutting drum for flexographic printing machine; Gravure printing electromechanical engraving cylinder; The offset printing machine adopts special treatment alcohol fountain water roller, ink remote control device, etc

III. progress in environment and process means

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, printing machinery enterprises have made great progress in manufacturing environment and processing means. The hardware environment of enterprises has been close to the international level, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Many enterprises take the way of land replacement, throw away backward old factories and enter national, provincial, municipal and local high-tech development zones, To sum up, it is all about the utilization and technical points of relaxation testing machine, and the industry is taking on a new look. Great changes have taken place in the traditional production process, management mode, plant environment and civilized production of the enterprise. Other enterprises purchase land in large coastal cities and central cities with convenient transportation to promote the socialization and specialization of the enterprise manufacturing environment and create a favorable space for the rapid development of enterprises

2. The change of manufacturing means is highlighted in the construction of assembly lines for sheet fed multicolor printing machine series products by some enterprises, the continuous expansion of product production batch, and the good situation of best-selling at home and abroad. Flow operation solves the long-standing problems of product quality, balanced production and capital turnover at the same time

3. For the machining of main parts of printing machinery, such as wallboard, roller, eccentric sleeve, circular die cutting roller, cam, pentahedral machining center, gantry machining center, vertical machining center, CNC coordinate grinder, CNC grinder, cam grinder and other processing equipment are widely used. The NC rate of general parts processing equipment has been greatly improved. The main enterprises also use the three coordinate inspection instrument to detect the main parts, which greatly improves the processing quality of the parts

4. the development cycle of new products in enterprises is greatly shortened, and the computer management of design and manufacturing process is generally realized. CAD, CAPP, cam, Sims, mrplie are widely used in enterprises. The central computer server has integrated the resource database of the design department and the output of technical documents. The drawings and technical documents for production, the instructions and order contracts used by users have been personalized. Manual drawing and blueprint drying have become history

IV. progress of standardization

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the National Printing Machinery Standardization Technical Committee was changed in 2004, and 18 standards were submitted for approval and review that year, which were issued by the national development and Reform Commission, and great achievements were made in the progress of printing machinery standardization. According to the standard statistics released by the National Printing Machinery Standardization Technical Committee, 22 new and old standard formulation and revision projects were completed during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, including:

1. 7 new standards were formulated: including table printing machine, sheet fed paper feeder, flexographic printing machine, sheet fed intaglio printing machine, platform lithographic printing machine, roller lithographic printing machine, aluminum alloy frame for silk screen printing brush machine, etc

2. Revise 15 items of the standard: including box gluing machine, paper cutting machine, web lithography machine, vacuum pressure composite air pump, film developer, silk plate printer, adhesive binding machine, sheet fed lithography machine test plate, offset plate making positioning punch, printing machine product model compilation method, printing machine noise sound power level measurement method, printing machine classification, pad printing machine, book block flattening machine Single head wire stapler, etc

3. In combination with the changes in the catalogue of backward products eliminated by the state and the quality supervision mechanism, more than 10 standards related to lead printing equipment and backward plate making methods and 27 provisions on product quality grading have been abolished successively, which has effectively cooperated with the rectification and clean-up of standardization by the national standardization organization

4. The translation and equivalent adoption of international safety standards for printing machinery have begun, and have been included in the national standard development plan from 2005 to 2007

v. patent issuance

according to the incomplete statistics of printing machinery and printing media with good performance, during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, the national patent office issued 333 patents related to printing machinery from 2003 to 2004, of which the main patents involved inkjet printing machines, scraping roller flat printing machines, printing press embossing rollers, printing machines, silk transfer machines, and paper positioning, optical printing, anti-counterfeiting components, inkjet devices Printing plate, cleaning equipment, etc. Among the 333 patents, the patents authorized by foreign enterprises account for 34.2% and the patents authorized by individuals are 24. 6%。 According to the patents authorized by provinces and cities, the share of Shanghai is the highest, 12.3%, Guangdong is 5.4%, Beijing is 3.3%, Jiangsu is 3%, Zhejiang is 2.7%, Sichuan and Taiwan are 1.2% respectively. Shanghai Gauss printing equipment Co., Ltd. has the largest number of authorized patents, and the national banknote printing enterprises have also authorized more patents

VI. new progress in quality

new progress in quality can be reflected in the following three aspects: first, during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, a number of export-oriented enterprises have been developed, and the export volume of printing machinery has doubled, which should often be increased by adding smooth oil. The main driving force of growth is the improvement of product quality. Second, most enterprises have established a quality assurance system according to international standards, so that the whole manufacturing process and after-sales service of products are under the monitoring of the quality system, and the quality awareness of all kinds of personnel is strengthened. Third, carry out safety system certification to make the safety performance of products meet the requirements of European safety standards

the Eleventh Five Year Plan for developing the national economy is coming, and the development of the printing industry has a long way to go. Compared with foreign developed countries, the technical level of domestic printing machinery and equipment still has a long way to go, especially in the high-end digital printing equipment. At the end of the last year of the tenth five year plan, we should carefully summarize the development experience, face up to the existing gaps and deficiencies, and strive to formulate feasible development measures. Through the efforts of the whole industry, we will make greater achievements in the next five years

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