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Remarkable effect of tire rubber "magic idler" on energy saving and consumption reduction in coking plants

the idler that can permanently keep flexible rotation in the harsh environment polluted by water and dust is the best. If coke, wet slag, steel slag, water containing coal and other materials are transported, and then the problems of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and corrosion of the pipe body are solved, the effect will be even more magical. The steel pipe idler is on the belt conveyor conveying coke in the coking plant, and the time for the pipe wall to be worn through is generally about 3 months, or even less than a month, which directly affects the normal operation of the conveying system. In order to solve this problem, nylon (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) idlers have been developed. The idler has good corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance and light specific gravity. The pipe wall is thickened to mm, and its service life is about twice that of the steel pipe idler. It is somewhat effective that the company's tension machine transmission system adopts full arc synchronous belt deceleration, but it is not significant; Ceramic and cast stone idlers are also developed. Although the defects of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and corrosion of the pipe body are solved, the large bending of the pipe body causes the shaking and scattering of the belt; Fragility after handling and impact; In particular, the phenomenon of poor flexibility (high rotation resistance) and large asynchronous operation with the belt not only causes serious wear and tear to the belt, but also requires increasing the driving power, resulting in a large amount of energy consumption. Moreover, the sealing performance is also very poor. After 3000 hours of use, water and dust will enter many bearings, and then make a harsh friction sound, which will soon be stuck. Therefore, the comprehensive effect is not as good as nylon idlers; The service life of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite idler is no more than two months

during the transportation and production of coke, the dust is large, the particles are sharp and the hardness is high (second only to emery). After it is adhered to the belt, it is similar to abrasive cloth. When the idler and the belt are not synchronized, the wear of the pipe body is quite serious, resulting in the above phenomenon of wear through in a short time. In addition, the acidic substances contained in the water after cooling coke are also an important factor for the corrosion and rust of idlers

at present, the performance index of domestic and foreign idler standards is: rotation resistance ≤ 2 N; Water pouring test, water inflow ≤ 150g; Dust proof test: dust shall not pollute the lubricating grease of idler bearing. The service life of steel pipe idlers that meet the above indicators, transporting ore, dry coal and other materials, is more than one year, and most of the final damage is caused by bearing pollution; If the coke is transported in the coking plant, the service life will be more than 6 times lower; However, there are many idlers that cannot or barely meet the above indicators, so the pipe wall will be worn out in about a month

some people think that the service life can be guaranteed by assembling SKF bearings in the idler, but it is not. Because the speed of the idler is not high, the load is not large, and there is no impact force. According to the bearing life calculation formula, the normal life of the bearing that meets the national standard can reach 150000 hours under the condition that the rotation resistance of the idler is ≤ 1n and will never be polluted; Rotation resistance ≤ 2 When n, the normal service life should reach 10000 hours; When the rotation resistance is ≤ n, the normal service life will not exceed 10000 hours. Therefore, the service life of the bearing in the idler depends on the manufacturing accuracy and good lubrication conditions, and the key to good lubrication is sealing. SKF bearings fail as common bearings after being contaminated

our company has carried out five major technological revolutions on the idlers over the past eight years. The "magic idlers" have been successfully developed, and the three main technical performance parameters are among the first in the world: first, the independently developed production process ensures that the rotation resistance of each idler is ≤ 1n; 2、 The unique longitudinal labyrinth seal ensures that each idler is free from dripping water and dirt; 3、 Wrap the tyre rubber wear-resistant layer on the steel pipe of the idler. So far, various defects in the use of traditional idlers have been fundamentally solved. If you wear it, it won't wear. If you don't wear it, it will wear. The principle of long service life of "magic idler" is that it is not worn and that it is wear-resistant. The rotation resistance of the "magic idler" is small (the rotation is particularly flexible), and the synchronous operation with the belt is basically realized. Therefore, even if the hard material is sharp, the friction and wear when there is no relative movement is very small; In addition, due to the sealing performance, the bearing will always maintain good lubrication (according to the introduction of he Shizhong lubrication expert of Guangzhou Institute of mechanical science, the normal lubrication effect of lithium oxide based grease can reach more than 30 years if it is not emulsified by water or polluted by dust), and the rotation resistance is always the same, realizing no grinding between the grease and the tape; The tire rubber layer wrapped on the steel pipe of the idler has outstanding comprehensive properties such as impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, tear resistance, aging resistance, fatigue resistance, high elasticity, etc., especially the wear resistance to sharp particles is more significant, thus ensuring wear resistance. Therefore, the steel pipe "magic idler" can be used for more than years in cement mines, wharves, power plants, coking plants and other occasions for conveying coal and ore; The "magic idler" wrapped with tire rubber can also achieve a service life of years by transporting coke, steel slag, wet slag and water bearing coal in coking plants, steel mills and coal mines. In addition, the non plumb degree designed and manufactured by using tire rubber shall not be greater than 0.3/1000. The service life of buffer, comb, friction and cone-shaped self-aligning "magic idlers" is more than 20 times longer than that of similar idlers

no matter the steel pipe or the wear-resistant and buffering "magic idler" wrapped with tire rubber, the rotation resistance is 2.5-3 times smaller than the current domestic and foreign indicators, and remains unchanged for a long time. The final damage is the long-term natural wear of the pipe body after a few years, and the bearing will not have the failure phenomena of falling apart, jamming and so on from beginning to end. Therefore, the configured power (energy consumption) of the belt conveyor can be reduced by%. More importantly, the service life of the main components such as the belt and the drive drum is extended by times; The manpower and material resources for maintenance are eliminated; Reduce potential accidents; Eliminate noise pollution; In particular, the normal operation rate of belt conveyor is greatly improved

tire rubber "magic idler" has been practically verified in Angang chemical plant, Taiyuan Iron and Steel coking plant, Changgang Ruida coking industry, Jigang Group, Shanxi Linfen tongtongtongda, Guxian Lida and other coking plants. Due to the dust pollution, acid water corrosion, corrosion, and wear of coke sharp particles in the coking plant, the environment is the worst. Therefore, the effect of using tire rubber "magic idler" to save energy, reduce consumption and improve comprehensive economic benefits is more significant than that of other industries. Although the price of "magic idler" is about 2 times higher than that of traditional idler, its service life is more than 10 times longer than that of traditional idler, and the value of saving belt, energy, roller and maintenance cost is higher. Therefore, the price of "magic idler" is the highest in the world, but it is not expensive, because the use cost is the lowest

the pressure tape is arranged in reverse V-shape, flat shape or reverse groove shape

the key performance of the idler determines its technical level and use effect: the idler independently developed by yurunhua company has three key performance leading internationally. (1) Rotation resistance ≤ 1n; (2) Drench water, dust and slime and never pollute; (3) Wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance

the idler is naturally worn out from installation and use to final failure, and its flexible rotation remains unchanged. Its normal service life is 100000 hours. It can reduce energy consumption by 30-50%; Extend the service life of tape, roller and other driving parts by 3-5 times; A lot of maintenance costs are avoided, and the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction is remarkable. And reduce the hidden danger of accidents; Eliminate noise pollution; Realize the reliable operation rate of belt conveyor and improve the comprehensive economic benefit by more than 5 times

salt is salty, vinegar is sour. It's easy to distinguish whether the idler is good or not. Performance depends on data, and test is the key. Practice a test, and everything must be polished; All understand. (end)

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